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New Batman Ben Affleck 'Inspired' by His Superhero Director Zack Snyder

22d ago - USA Today We're considering ourselves pretty lucky to be getting at least four movies with Ben... | Ben Affleck

The Batcave Is Getting An Upgrade In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

43d ago - EW: A man’s home is his castle, but Wayne Manor was never really Batman’s home. In Batman v Super... | Cinema

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French ‘Batman v Superman’ Magazine Features New Interviews with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill

54d ago - Batman News Unlike the hoax from earlier this week, here's a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic... | Actor

Ben Affleck Says Batman Harbors Tremendous Amounts of Rage for Superman

108d ago - CB: In the new Total Film magazine feature on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck and... | Cinema

Ben Affleck Says He's Open To Directing Standalone Batman Movie

109d ago - CB: We know that a new standalone Batman movie is an inevitability, and that Warner Bros. plans t... | Cinema

Ben Affleck to Star in 3 Stand-Alone Batman Movies

187d ago - DoG A private screening of Batman V Superman was reportedly such a success, Warner is now plan... | Cinema

New Details On Batman v Superman's Dark Knight; He Put The Suicide Squad In Prison

196d ago - CBM Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck talk in detail here about what we should expect from the Caped... | Cinema

Ben Affleck To Team With DC’s Geoff Johns On Stand-Alone ‘Batman’ Film: Comic Con

215d ago - Deadline Here’s one for the Comic-Con crowd to gnaw on. I’m told that Ben Affleck is teaming u... | Cinema

7 ‘Batman’ Stories For When Ben Affleck Becomes The Dark Knight’s New Director

215d ago - MTV Ben Affleck isn’t just Batman. He’s also the man behind Batman, according to reports that... | Cinema

Comic-Con: ‘Batman V. Superman’ Stars Plan Surprise Weekend Autograph Session On Confab Floor

215d ago - Deadline Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will be doing more in San Diego than just be taking the... | Culture

Ben Affleck: 'Batman Is Basically The American Version Of Hamlet'

223d ago - EW Who is the 
Batman? The simple answer is Bruce Wayne. The real answer is that he’s been a l... | Cinema

The Daily Rotation - 5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck is the Perfect Director for The Batman

229d ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Below I’ve outlined five quick reasons as to why I think Ben... | Culture

3 Reasons Ben Affleck is the Perfect Choice to Direct ‘The Batman.’

230d ago - HH Yesterday afternoon, the Internet once again went nuts with news regarding the new DC Cinem... | Cinema

Ben Affleck Spotted Arriving In Toronto; Is He Going To Cameo In Suicide Squad?

287d ago - CBM Or is The Joker going to show up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Ben Affleck has to... | Cinema

Syfy Teams With Matt Damon & Ben Affleck For Futuristic Thriller ‘Incorporated’

310d ago - Deadline: Days after announcing a pilot order for Nerdist News, Syfy returns to the scripted dra... | TV

Ben Affleck, David Fincher, Gillian Flynn Plot ‘Strangers On A Train’ Redo At Warner Bros

393d ago - Deadline: and David Fincher will re-team on a Warner Bros remake of the Hitchcock classic thrill... | Cinema

Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp Top Forbes' Overpaid Hollywood Actors List

413d ago - Forbes We use data from the research for our Celebrity 100 list and Box Office Mojo to compile... | Culture

Christian Bale Talks Ben Affleck As Batman And Whether He Contemplated A Return

443d ago - CBM: "I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour..." The Dark Knight Trilogy's Chris... | Cinema

Indisputable, Statistical Proof that Ben Affleck is the Best Director of the Last Decade

459d ago - Roosevelt: With Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar already being praised as his finest work in a st... | Culture

10 Reasons Ben Affleck Could Be The Best On Screen Batman

461d ago - WC As soon as Ben Affleck was announced as the latest actor to portray the caped crusader the... | Cinema

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Producing 'Incorporated' for Syfy

484d ago - IGN: The futuristic TV series is described as an espionage thriller. Matt Damon and Ben Affl... | TV

Gone Girl Review | High Score Reviews

489d ago - David Fincher’s adaptation of Gone Girl starts off in a foreboding mood and, whether you’ve read... | Cinema

Harry Lennix On Ben Affleck As Batman: He Has A Head Start Over Christian Bale Because He’s American

490d ago - Batman-News What will make Ben Affleck a great Batman? The fact that he’s American, according... | Cinema

9 Movies Ben Affleck Was Almost Cast In

493d ago - WC: Ben Affleck has always had a somewhat dual reputation, which has been really personified over... | Culture

Michael Caine: Affleck Will Be Great As Batman

496d ago - TV3 Sir Michael Caine thinks Ben Affleck will do ''very well'' playing Batman. The 81-year-ol... | Cinema
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