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Ben Affleck Cast as Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

It's official! Ben Affleck has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Zack Snyder's still untitled Superman/Batman sequel to this past summer's Man of Steel.

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Sandmano1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

He's going to look so stupid in the suit with his huge head and his squeaky voice is not going to fit and I can't see him putting on a convincing batman "voice". Can't belive this it must be a joke this chubby guy as batman? Never liked Ben affleck but that's besides the point he doesn't fit the role at all.

Didnt they Learn anything from dare devil? Damn bring back Clooney he's miles better.

Even bale is like wtf in that thumbnail pic lol

KwietStorm1795d ago

I could barely stomach Clooney, and it wasn't because that movie itself was an embarrassment, it was because George Clooney played George Clooney, not Bruce Wayne or Batman. It was comical.

ajax171794d ago

Yeah, I never thought I'd want to see George Clooney back, but after this choice...

frelyler1794d ago this clink please

Then click on this oneplease

Now minus the beard and sorry to tell you people but he looks exactly like Bruce Wayne in the comics, there is no denying that fact. Sure Daredevil was a horrible movie, but have not good actors and visionaries done terrible movies before? One bad role does not negate this guys acting abilities which in the right role are really good. He has directed some awesome movies and he is physically large with a whole year to train. Look at how much Bale transformed himself from the machinist to Batman. It seems the only reason people are saying he will be a bad choice is because of Daredevil, which only has one common factor. I'm willing to give him a chance, besides he is good friends with Kevin Smith. You really think Affleck wants to try and live down another Daredevil? I for one will reserve judgement until I see the movie.

RetrospectRealm1794d ago

That's the dumbest observation of this news I've ever heard. Affleck is an amazing actor. Not only does he look the part, but also has starred in and directed literally some of the best films from 2000 to 2010.

You probably just don't like him whatever stupid reason. Clooney is way too old to play Batman.

XXXL1794d ago Show
wishingW3L1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

looking like a character doesn't mean that he will be a good representation of a character if he can't act and does not understand it. Just watch Daredevil and the Green Lantern movies. He simply will not be able to pull off a convincing Bruce Wayne. At least not when wearing the suit. -__-

frelyler1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


Umm...Ben Affleck was not Green Lantern. You have just forfeited your right to ever take part in any discussions on this topic again.

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jammy_701795d ago

I think he could be good, he's got a few years to get ripped..... And have a shave. He'll do a good job

SilentNegotiator1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Hello, Mrs. Affleck.

I'm assuming that you're his mother because only she could possibly think he would make a good Batman.


MEsoJD1794d ago

Yeah, this is bullshit.

Kurylo3d1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

this is just a slap in the face... way to make batman lame lol. Sorry Love the actor, hell i even liked him as daredevil... but cmon.. batman!? No... just know... Ben Affleck has just never conveyed real confidence in any movie he was ever in. He just seems like the scared confused underdog.

They just killed their justice league shot before it even started lol.

uncharted561794d ago

Lol who knows maybe Nolan has a different version for Batman. Give it a chance. I know on paper it does not make sense but maybe it will turn out good.

-Foxtrot1794d ago

Is there anything fans can do about this....I mean if we're vocal enough about this could they replace him OR is it too late?

I mean it hasn't started filming so there is hope....right

Lord_Sloth1794d ago

Everybody said the same thing when Ledger was cast as the Joker.

-Foxtrot1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yeah but Ledger was a great actor before they cast him, some people were just a bit silly because he was in films like Brokeback Mountain

Seriously this whole "Well the same happened to Ledger" is invalid.

Ben is not a good actor, he's an actor...but not a good one

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DarkBlood1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Calling it now Man of Steel: The Punch From Superman That Exploded Batman's Internal Organs.

While we are at it why dont we cast Arnold As Mr.Freeze lol

SilentNegotiator1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

That would be really ice.

DarkBlood1794d ago

someone that picked up the reference :P
yaaaaay lol

SactoGamer1795d ago

Let's go Matt Damon as Robin while we're at it.

Sandmano1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

They should bring his brother on as robin would be good... Lol!

@ironfist de service to all the batman fans, what a downgrade from what we saw from bale. He's just not the batman type neither the Bruce Wayne for that matter. What a joke cast and yeah I agree the superman movie will suffer from this rubbish. All I want to see is him running in the bat suit would be a good laugh...

SactoGamer1795d ago

The most recent Superman movie was bad enough as it was.

Kurylo3d1794d ago

Actually the most recent superman movie was effing awesome! I dont have a single negative to say about it.

ironfist921795d ago

This is a disservice to Superman...the films, the character, the actor, poor choice.

Ben would make a great Bruce Wayne, but not Batman.

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