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Top 10 Disney Sidekicks Ever Created

2h ago - Disney sidekicks can make or break an animated film. These loveable creatures, humans, animals an... | Culture

The Most Ill-Advised Continuations of Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

2h ago - i09 The X-Files, Heroes and Twin Peaks are all coming back to our screens soon, with at least... | Culture

Top 5 Movies To See - August 2015

Now - The month of August will feature more superheroes putting up a fight at the box office, the past coming back to haunt Jason Bateman, and one of our... | Promoted post

Collider Movie Talk: Wes Craven Passes Away At 76

2h ago - Collider On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Mark Ellis and Jon Schnepp discu... | Culture

Wes Craven's 5 Most Twistedly Influential Films

3h ago - EW Wes Craven changed the face of genre filmmaking — and caused audience members to face uncou... | Culture

Wes Craven’s ‘The Last House On The Left’ Changed The Way I View Horror

3h ago - MTV On Sunday night (August 30), horror auteur Wes Craven died of brain cancer at the age of 7... | Culture

Top 10 Comic Book Movies Of All Time

3h ago - - Our writer Joey Finnegan lists ten of his favorite comic book films of all time. | Culture

The Weekend Warrior’s Summer Box Office Wrap-Up

10h ago - CS Like everyone else, I’d been waiting patiently for Universal Pictures to return to Jurassic... | Culture

Wes Craven Was A Pioneering Master Of Self-Aware Cinema

11h ago - WOW247: "He knew how to make slasher films both unnerving and funny - but he was also conjuring s... | Culture

8 Movie Heroes Who Are Actually Villains

13h ago - WOW247: "Upon closer inspection, some of these well known ‘heroes’ are seriously deficient of her... | Culture

Collider Movie Talk: ‘Borderlands’ Movie in Development

13h ago - Collider On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Mark Ellis and Jon Schnepp discu... | Culture

7 Things You Learn Remaking Raiders Of The Lost Ark (With No Money)

13h ago - WOW247: "In 1982, two school friends from Ocean Springs in Mississippi set out on a quest to rema... | Culture

Wes Craven, Horror Maestro, Dies at 76

1d ago - THR Wes Craven, the famed writer-director known for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream mov... | Culture

The Weekend No-Brainer (Numero Cinque) - Fly, Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars, Chappie - Screenhall

1d 5h ago - Screenhall - What main purpose does the weekend serve? To clean up the house? To go outside and e... | Culture

The Best Summer Comedies

2d ago - IGN Can you feel it in the air? Summer is coming to a close. School is starting up again, that... | Culture

10 Most Anticipated Superhero Movies Of The Next 5 Years

2d ago - Screenrant Superhero movies have been a major force in the landscape of cinema over the last f... | Culture

‘It Follows’ Director Wants To Discuss Quentin Tarantino’s Notes Over A Beer

2d ago - Collider A few days ago we shared some quotes from a recent Quentin Tarantino interview during... | Culture

Collider Movie Talk: Michael Fassbender’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ First Look

2d ago - Collider On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, John Campea, Mark Ellis and Kristian Harloff... | Culture

John Carpenter’s Films – Ranked From Worst To Best

2d ago - WC There are few directors with as rich and varied a back catalogue as John Carpenter. Since 1... | Culture

Robert Redford Remembers The Films That Made Him Legend

2d ago - EW Robert Redford has appeared in more than 35 films and directed nine. And though his leading... | Culture

The 10 Best TV Crossover Episodes

2d ago - GR The TV crossover is a curious event. A melding of two separate universes previously thought... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

3 Things Movies And TV Shows Get Wrong About Serial Killers (And 3 Things They Get Right)

2d ago - True Crime Hannibal may be ending its NBC run on Saturday, but serial killers as entertainment... | Culture

Entertainment Buddha Unboxes the Secret Wars Marvel Collector Corps Box

2d ago - EB: Geeks, Marvel and Funko continue to show the world how to properly prepare a box full of rand... | Culture

Death Star Architect Makes a Case for His Exhaust Port Design

2d ago - EB: The Dorkly YouTube channel has released a hilarious 8-bit animated Star Wars parody, which gi... | Culture

10 Underrated Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

2d ago - Screenrant As superheroes continue to defeat the forces of evil – and their competition at the... | Culture

7 Of The Most Punchable Movie Characters

2d ago - WOW247: "Sometimes a character pops up in a film that is just so annoying, so teeth-grindingly fr... | Culture
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