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10 Buffy & Angel Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

25m ago - WC Easter eggs are little in jokes and references that only fans of a property will really rec... | TV

Gotham Episode 5: Viper Synopsis Released

4h ago - CB: Fox has released the synopsis for the fifth episode of Gotham, titled “Viper.” “Viper” inv... | TV

The Walking Dead Season 5 Michonne, Rick, Glenn & Maggie Teasers

4h ago - CBM The Walking Dead, will make its season five debut October 12th, and to get you excited her... | TV

TVF Sons of Anarchy Review: Poor Little Lambs

4h ago - TVF: Just when I think I'm ready for what's to come this season, something like Sons of Anarchy... | TV

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'American Horror Story': Watch the Twisted 'Freak Show' Opening Credits

4h ago - THR: Showrunner Ryan Murphy officially kicked off "Halloween Season" on Wednesday and released t... | TV

The Mindy Project 3.03 Review: “Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs” | TVOM

4h ago - TVOM: "Ever since Mindy and Danny finally got together, The Mindy Project has been on an upswing.... | TV

IGN Sons of Anarchy: "Poor Little Lambs" Review

4h ago - IGN: Jax and SAMCRO had their hands full in this week's Sons of Anarchy between dealing with dru... | TV

Why You Need The Walking Dead In Your Life

4h ago - Unleash the Fanboy: "The Walking Dead Season 5 is upon us, with October 12th (October 13th UK) be... | TV

‘Selfie’ Is Both a Brilliant and Terrible TV Show

6h ago - The Daily Beast: "Selfie, horrendous title aside, is a peculiar TV show. It’s unusual that a TV s... | TV

IGN Person of Interest: "Nautilus" Review

10h ago - IGN: You're reaching out for meaning, but the wrong thing is reaching back." What initially a... | TV

IGN Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "Heavy Is the Head" Review

10h ago - IGN: The second episode of SHIELD: Season 2 continued to show off an improved series, boasting b... | TV

Sons of Anarchy Poor Little Lambs Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - Nero says this to Gemma about Jax midway through the episode and it perfectly encapsulates what t... | TV

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Heavy is the Head” Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - Picking up from the shocking deaths of Hartley and Idaho comes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Heavy is t... | TV

Gotham “Selina Kyle” Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - This episode was a very good one though, better than last week and a good indication that this sh... | TV

Once Upon a Time: “A Tale of Two Sisters” Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - It begins with the king and queen of a land known as Arendelle aboard a sinking ship. The queen h... | TV

‘Black-ish' Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - It’s been a very long time since we’ve had a prominent black family on prime time television. The... | TV

Brooklyn Nine Nine “Undercover” Review | GeekedOutNation

12h ago - It’s been a long wait, but now we’ve had our season 2 premiere of Brooklyn Nine Nine “Undercover”... | TV

Sons of Anarchy 7.04 Reiew: “Poor Little Lambs” | TVOM

12h ago - TVOM: "With Jax putting bullets (or knuckles) into the heads of just about everyone not wearing a... | TV

Gotham City Is Having Serious Cat Problems

13h ago - As per my last article it's obvious that the characters are not misused to tell the story of Goth... | TV

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.02 Review: Heavy Is the Head | TVOM

14h ago - TVOM: "After last week’s strong season opener, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued its star... | TV

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 6 The Caretaker Review | Fandom Post

14h ago - The day Clara has been dreading finally arrives as the Doctor finally meets her beau. What The... | TV

Star Wars: Rebels Behind The Scenes Videos

14h ago - The latest offering in the Star Wars Universe and the first under Disney is almost here and here... | TV

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim Says Oliver Will Get "New Toys" in Season 3

1d 2h ago - The producers of Arrow talk about introducing Ra's Al Ghul. The third season premiere of "Arro... | TV

Flickering Myth: Family Guy – ‘The Simpsons Guy’ – Review

1d 3h ago - Both shows come out of this as winners but I do hope, as said by Brian, this is a one-time shot a... | TV

Yvonne Strahovski To Co-Star In ABC’s ‘Astronaut Wives Club’

1d 5h ago - Deadline: Coming off a starring role opposite Keith Sutherland on the Fox event series, 24: Live... | TV
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