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Arrow Season 3 Episode #7 – Draw Back Your Bow Review | Fandom Post

41m ago - The past comes back to haunt Oliver in a couple of very different ways. What They Say: Draw B... | TV

The Flash Boss Talks Grodd's Arrival and Another Arrow Crossover

42m ago - TVLine: The Flash has shown restraint when it comes to what its costumed crusader can do — but th... | TV

Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 Review: ”Draw Back Your Bow” | TVOM

43m ago - TVOM: "While season 3 of CW’s Arrow has so far hit their arrows on all the right places, last nig... | TV

American Horror Story: Freak Show “Test of Strength” Review | Unleash the Fanboy

43m ago - Unleash the Fanboy: "This week’s episode was a great one with some highs and lows. First off, it... | TV

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Black-ish Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Oedipal Triangle” | TVOM

45m ago - TVOM: "Building conflict within families can be difficult for comedies (especially young ones lik... | TV

The Middle Season 6 Episode 7 Review: “Thanksgiving VI” | TVOM

45m ago - TVOM: "A floor sink and tiny table should’ve been reason enough for the Hecks to spend their Than... | TV

The Flash “Birth of the Flash” Review | Unleash the Fanboy

45m ago - Unleash the Fanboy: "This week’s episode of The Flash is brought to you by the latest anti-bullyi... | TV

Batman V. Superman's Amy Adams To Host Saturday Night Live

1h ago - CB: Amy Adams, Lois Lane herself, is set to host Saturday Night Live on December 20th. Adams,... | TV

Arrow's Amy Gumenick On How Her Character's Story "Represents" Olicity's Arc

1h ago - CB: Supernatural veteran Amy Gumenick has generate da ton of enthusiasm from fans for her upcomin... | TV

What Culture - Sons Of Anarchy 7.11 Review - 5 Talking Points From Suits Of Woe

3h ago - WC In a few weeks, when the book is closed for the final time on Sons Of Anarchy, Suits Of Woe... | TV
80° | Once Upon a Time: Smash the Mirror Review

13h ago - Finally. We finally know who our real Snow Queen is, after all that’s been said and done, she fin... | TV

TBS Orders 22 More Episodes Of 'American Dad'

13h ago - EW: American Dad! lived for 10 seasons on Fox before moving to TBS in October. Apparently, the ne... | TV

The Flash vs. Arrow: First Look Photos Released

13h ago - CB: The CW has released a first look at official images from the December 2 episode of The Flash,... | TV

'Gotham Scoop': No Harley Quinn this Season, But Expect 'Prenatal Robin' "

17h ago - Gotham iconic character update: Showrunner Bruno Heller reveals that fans can expect a “prenatal... | TV

Hollywood Huddle Episode 58: Space Library

17h ago - After a week off, we are back with a brand new episode! This one’s a big one too. Our guest Alex... | Cinema

The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 8 Review: “Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman” | TVOM

22h ago - TVOM: "If The Mindy Project felt different to you this week, you’re not alone. Not in a bad way... | TV

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 8 Review: ”The Things We Bury” | TVOM

22h ago - TVOM: "This week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was not only one of the the best episodes of... | TV

New Girl Season 4 Episode 8 Review: “Teachers” | TVOM

22h ago - TVOM: "To be quite honest, I’m not too sure what to say about “Teachers.” This was another very f... | TV

Awkward Season 4 Review “Sprang Break: Part 1” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "How many times can we watch Jenna fall for Matty on Awkward, only to be disappointed... | TV

The Flash Season 1 Episode 6 Review: ”The Flash Is Born” | TVOM

22h ago - TVOM: "Last night’s episode of the new CW hit series The Flash continued the greatness that is th... | TV

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “The Boys of Sudworth Place” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "Criminal Minds returned tonight with the oddly titled “The Boys of Sudworth Place”. T... | TV

Gotham Season 1 Review “Harvey Dent” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "On the latest episode of “Gotham,” we got another canonical member of the Batman myth... | TV

American Horror Story: Freak Show Season 4 Review “Test of Strength” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "On the latest episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” yet another of Elsa’s b... | TV

Forever Season 1 Review “6 A.M.” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "I’ve been hard on Forever throughout its short run so far, but I’m not above admittin... | TV

Survivor Season 29 Review “Getting to Crunch Time” | TV Equals

22h ago - TV Equals: "After skipping the post-Tribal “blue screen” scenes for the past few episodes, they c... | TV
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