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ABC To Air Two New Teasers For Avengers: Age of Ultron

31m ago - Having originally intended to give us our first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron during this comin... | Cinema

'The Crow' Remake Aiming for Spring 2015 Production Start

32m ago - THR: Producer Ed Pressman described the cult thriller as the "anti Spider-Man" Producer Ed Pr... | Cinema

John Wick Movie Review | GeekedOutNation

2h ago - Here is our movie review for John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. Lets find out if Reeves makes a com... | Cinema

The Recap Breaks Down the Biggest Entertainment News This Week (Oct. 24th)

2h ago - From Cinelinx: While this week was a little slower (in some ways) regarding movie and video g... | Cinema

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Who Is Andy Serkis Playing In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

2h ago - With the release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer many people will have noticed that actor... | Cinema

Movie Review – John Wick (2014) Flickering Myth

2h ago - Watching John Wick really does feel like watching an action film from the 80s or 90s starring Arn... | Cinema

Second Opinion – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Flickering Myth

2h ago - I wanted to like TMNT. In certain aspects it showed promise but is ultimately let down by an unco... | Cinema

Movie Review - Fury (2014) Flickering Myth

2h ago - Fury offers precious little to what we’ve seen before from war movies and ends up getting lost in... | Cinema

Age Of Ultron Leaked Trailer: 11 Things You Probably Missed

2h ago - WC Holy. Mary. Mother. Of. God. Well, this was a pleasant surprise (not for Marvel, perhaps... | Cinema

Megan Fox Joins James Franco in 'Zeroville'

2h ago - THR: Megan Fox is set as the female deal in Zeroville, James Franco’s adaptation of the acclaime... | Cinema

Extraterrestrial (2014) Movie Review on Popzara

2h ago - There’s some good old fashioned alien fun to be had here for those without high expectations.... | Cinema

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor Joining DC Comics Pic ‘Suicide Squad?’

3h ago - From Deadline: On the DC Comics-heavy slate that Warner Bros laid out for Wall Street last we... | Cinema

Episode 7 ready for post production?

3h ago - According to Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, filming on Episode 7, the much-awaited Star Wars movie... | Cinema

Big Hero 6: How Video Games Influenced Movie

3h ago - Walt Disney Animation Studios visual effects supervisor Kyle Odermatt explains how video games in... | Cinema

Analyzing the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer and How it Relates to the Comics

4h ago - EB's Justin Ludwig writes, "So after you’ve seen the trailer once, twice, a hundred times, it’s t... | Cinema

John Wick Review - Film Class Junkies

4h ago - Film Class Junkies review of John Wick, one of the smartest and sleekest action films of the last... | Cinema

Film Review: John Wick | Cinematically Enigmatic

4h ago - To say Keanu Reeves kicks ass in his latest film is a serious understatement. Hitting cinema scre... | Cinema

Film Review: Whiplash | Cinematically Enigmatic

4h ago - Drive. Perseverance. Commitment. This is the stuff that turns dreams into reality. And Andrew Ney... | Cinema

Film Review: Birdman | Cinematically Enigmatic

4h ago - How do you begin to describe Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)? Part fantastic fabl... | Cinema

Rudderless Review- Gambitcon

4h ago - A father Sam grieves and spirals downward for two years after his son’s school shooting and suici... | Cinema

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ReviewTruth: How About That "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Teaser Trailer?

4h ago - The first teaser has been released. This article on ReviewTruth provides analysis, hopes and tho... | Cinema

CGM Reviews: John Wick

4h ago - In this day and age it seems strange to get excited about a Keanu Reeves action movie. It’s hard... | Cinema

Halloween Actress Danielle Harris Loves Super Mario Bros

4h ago - Danielle Harris, who has survived four encounters with Michael Myers in Halloween movies, stars i... | Cinema

Whiplash Review At Skewed and Reviewed

8h ago - Neil has written a very positive review for the new film Whiplash which details the difficult rel... | Cinema

Christian Bale Confirmed as Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle Biopic?

8h ago - Christian Bale is reportedly all set to take-on the role of another American icon (after Batman,... | Cinema
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