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Submitted by RetrospectRealm 897d ago | news

Petition To Remove Ben Affleck As Batman Reaches Over 25,000 Signatures

CB: Warner Bros. reportedly got over 50,000 protest letters back in the eighties when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman. Now, Ben Affleck appears on his way to accomplishing a similar feat. Except instead of sending letters, Ben Affleck casting protestors are signing online petitions. (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck, Cinema)

ajax17  +   898d ago
DarkBlood  +   898d ago
-Foxtrot  +   898d ago
Keep going
Sandmano  +   897d ago
LOL_WUT  +   897d ago
That's messed up give the guy a chance ;)
SnakeCQC  +   897d ago
remember dardevil?
jammy_70  +   897d ago
Daredevil isn't batman is it u fool he did a good job at what he was given, he'd make a good batman I think
SnakeCQC  +   897d ago
He played a superhero role before and the movie franchise was ruined. Ever heard of cause and effect?
colonel179  +   897d ago
The same can be said about Chris Evans being on Fantastic 4, and yet he has done a great job as Captain America. The past doesn't have to do anything with how Ben Affleck will play Batman. Also, a lot of complaining was done when Marvel announced Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, and yet, he did a great job too.
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Lord_Sloth  +   897d ago
Actually he just acted in the movie. Other people made it and told him how to act in the movie. He did his job, they flubbed theirs.

Nobody held the movie against Collin Ferrel, Michael Clark Duncan, or Jennifer Garner. Why direct it solely on Affleck?
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uncharted56  +   897d ago
Have you heard of bad script? Just like they messed up Deadpool with a bad script aka character change.
Plagasx  +   896d ago
Daredevil was 10 years ago for christ sake. It was also made by Fox...He's a much better actor now and also fantastic director...
Leio  +   897d ago
I dont like the guy as batman but this is ridiculous.
The actor alone doesnt make a film.
KingPin  +   897d ago
bad acting of any main character will kill the movie no matter how great the story is.
Leio  +   897d ago
I wouldnt classify him to a bad actor crowd that can destroy a movie but i´d definitely put him in the group of good actors who have no integrity in choosing their roles, unlike for example Christian Bale who always choose his roles very carefully.

The bad he did that is relevant to this discussion was Daredevil and i wouldn't call the script he got handed over one that can make a good movie.
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Nemesis4567  +   897d ago
Really? Tell that to Denzel Washington for Training Day
Tell that to Heath Ledger for the Dark Knight
Tell that to Al Pacino for Scarface

Actors may not alone make the film, but you do need to give credit where credit is due. They are a huge part of it. There are plenty of films that bombed due to bad casting. These fans don't want this to happen to Batman.
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Leio  +   897d ago
Let pretend the script and directing in TDK, Scarface and Training day have absolutely nothing to do with its success, then you´d have a good point.
mcstorm  +   896d ago
@Nemesis4567 I get what your saying but I disagree too. The script has to be good and the actor has to pull off the good script for a film to be good.

For me I don't think he will make a good batman I am also not to sure where anyone can go with batman after the last 3 films as I loved all 3. I am not a big super hero fan but for me all 3 of the batman films blew me away because they got the cast and the scripts right and I really don't know how they can top it and I also don't see batman and superman in the same film to.

I maybe wrong and I will give it a chance but still not sure about the idea.
windblowsagain  +   896d ago
Actors act.

Directors - Direct.

If an Actor sucks, the director can't do much with it.

If a script is crap, an actor still needs to make the film his own.

Afleck would be ok i guess, but BATMAN has been overdone recently imo.

And adding superman to the role isn't a good move.
Deadpoolio  +   896d ago
You mean Heath Ledger as joker which also made the internet explode and cry like whiny entitled baby man children just like NOW......
KingPin  +   897d ago
i never said ben affleck is a bad actor.
he does have skills.
but my point is not all actors are meant for all roles.
you cant have robert de niro play neo in the matrix even though de niro is a solid actor.
you cant have vin diesel playing austin powers. you just know its not going to work.

as for batman, ben just doesnt have that look. i could be wrong and i hope i am. im willing to give him a chance before making rash judgments but the actor alone does bring a lot to the movie. saying an actor doesn't make a film is wrong. its a huge part of it.
DangerousDAN  +   896d ago
"you cant have vin diesel playing austin powers" Even though you're right about that, you're going into extremes to prove your point and in this case it doesn't help. Diesel and Austin Powers have extreme physical differences as well as personalities, while Ben Affleck and Bruce Wayne do not. He's 6'3", has that strong-looking jaw (that is important!), and is already working on bulking up for the role... so I read. So, physically he will fit the role, especially when he wears the Batman suit. If a 5'9", receding hairline, and semi-good built Micheal Keaton can look good as Bruce Wayne, I don't see why Affleck wouldn't look the part.
As far as his acting goes, I think he's done enough lately to prove he can act damn well (Hollywoodland, The Town, Argo), so I don't think it'll be hard for him to pull off the dramatic nature and charm of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
The voice is the only thing I'm wondering about. When he screams it can get pretty high-pitched (for a guy), but when the hell does Batman ever scream, eh?
Nemesis4567  +   897d ago
Did you read the part of my reply when I said this.
"Actors may not alone make the film, but you do need to give credit where credit is due. They are a huge part of it."
Meaning, that direction, screenplay, etc are a part of it. Before replying, please read what the other person wrote. It makes things so much easier for a discussion.
Exercise your head....READ
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Elmar  +   897d ago
What part of his comment said

"The actor doesnt have any thing to do with the outcome of the film" ?

Your augments doesn't prove nor disprove what he said, maybe you should try exercise reading your own comments before arguing about the obvious.
Nemesis4567  +   897d ago
I was having a very interesting conversation with someone else. When he said "the actor alone doesn't make a film." Which is what the whole discussion was about. I read my comments, and others. Unfortunately, I have the displeasure of reading yours bashing me for my opinion on things. So please don't accuse me of not reading.
Elmar  +   897d ago
Yes i´m fully aware of the discussion and its topic, but its quite obvious you dont.

You were lecturing about how to read yet you ironically misinterpreted the whole statement and tried to prove something completely out of context is quite amusing hence my intervention.

And no i don't accuse you of anything, it was a mere observation.
listenkids  +   897d ago
Sad, but alas, there were petitions against Daniel Craig being Bond, Ledger being the Joker.

Nothing will change the casting, people just need to quit crying on this unjustified hate band wagon, "oh man he did Gigli!!" yes he did, but he also has more 90% + rated films on RT than most actors.

Will he nail it? We don't know, we can't judge him based on some shit films he didn't ruin, though he did something right to get cast.
Tzuno  +   897d ago
One question. What is wrong with Christian Bale?
spartanlemur  +   897d ago
Nothing. They wanted Christian Bale, but he wouldn't accept ludicrous piles of money for the role out of a respect for Christopher Nolan's desire to keep the Dark Knight trilogy a unique, closed entity.

Thus someone else has to do it. Personally, I think we should give Affleck a chance to prove himself in the role. He clearly impressed the WB, so he might surprise us.
Lord_Sloth  +   897d ago

Seriously that growl he always used as Batman was almost comical.
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Deadpoolio  +   896d ago
That cowl was honestly the worst cowl ever made, everything about that batman suit was awful...He didn't even seem like Batman you could have put John McClaine in place of Batman and it would not have been any different
LtSkittles  +   896d ago
New universe, where as Christian Bale's Batman was portrayed in a world without other superheroes, this was made for the JL.
Deadpoolio  +   896d ago
He was a terrible Batman, it 3 mediocre Batman movies that barely resembled Batman Rises being the worst.Between the throat cancer and awful suit, lack of batman being Batman and more like a wannabe Jason Statham..American Psycho is completely over rated and not the end all be all that some make it out to be...And remind me again how Terminator:Salvation turned out again? The guy is over rated as all hell
mynameisq  +   897d ago
This is just sad. He deserves his chance, you never know he could end up being the greatest Batman of all time. You just don't know, hence the petition is silly to say the least
ironfist92  +   897d ago
We need to at least watch a screen test, dialogue test and costume test first before giving judgement.
Deadpool616  +   897d ago
The internet always has a kneejerk reaction before getting the full picture. Next year's Comic Con will be the place to find out if picking Ben Affleck was a thoughtful chose.

As of right now, people are judging him based off of Daredevil, which was a decade ago. Much can change after a decade.
mydyingparadiselost  +   897d ago
Wow, 50,000 people signed to have Keaton removed?!? He was the best Batman!
MilkMan  +   897d ago
Keaton was a good Batman, not sure he was the best. I just re-watched the Keaton Batman's and they haven't aged great...However, your comment is basically proof that we should wait and see what team Nolan/Snyder have in their pockets for Ben Affleck's version of the caped crusader.
mydyingparadiselost  +   897d ago
I watched the Keaton Batmans recently too and thought they aged pretty well, more of a camp comic book feel than the last trilogy though. I think Affleck should get his shot too, I'm not a huge fan of his but he has range and I'm sure he'll at least be better than Clooney was and that's all I can really ask out of Bactors (Batman actors).
RetrospectRealm  +   896d ago
"How can people know what they want if they haven't seen it yet?" People need to see what Affleck can do before they want him out.
Sandmano  +   896d ago
He was the best by farrr makes me think if we're over reacting since Keaton got 50,000 people opposing his casting to be Batman. And damn that was the 80's so 50k might as well be a couple 100 thousand in today's terms with all the social media.

I didn't sign the petition I changed my mind I dont want to directly harm his chances at a great movie. I guess he deserves a chance at least, anyway the petition will not work.
MontyQ  +   897d ago
cliffy B as batman
Sandmano  +   896d ago
Cliff blezzenski? Lol.
MoreRPG  +   897d ago
What a bunch of spoiled brats
iliimaster  +   897d ago
lol man this is a horrible decision i didin't watch white house down simply because I could not get over the fact that jamie fox and channing tatum would save the united states of america ..... now this bennifer playing batman,, well micheal keaton played him and thats pretty bad.... so idk its just so wrong in every way
QuebecSuperstar   896d ago | Bad language | show
Scrivlar   896d ago | Bad language | show
kingPoS  +   896d ago
It's over 9000!!!
NonApplicable  +   896d ago
Christ. Dont people have better things to do with their lives?

Trust that people more capable than you are making these decisions. Regardless, this is the studios/directors vision, NOT YOURS. That's why they're in their position and you're not. It's that simple.
ZombieGamerMan  +   896d ago
Look all of these people need to STFU, they aren't making the movie, they aren't putting money to get it made so they got shit to say.

I don't know if Affleck will be a good Batman so that's what we have to see, Affleck has lately been getting better so who knows.

The Ben of today could be a very different actor to the Ben of Daredevil.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   896d ago
Who da fuck is Ben Afflac?!?

Robin Williams should be Batman and Robin will be played by NPH...

NPH ripped it in Harold and Kumar yo'!

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