Why Ben Affleck Said 'Yes' to Batman (Analysis)


The secret talks that led the Oscar-winning actor, director and producer to again agree to a superhero role -- and show Hollywood how a studio takes care of top talent.

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latinillusion811729d ago

I thought Jeff Gordon Levitt was offered the role and he turned it down?

Lord_Sloth1729d ago

Maybe, but he's weird anyway. Seriously, everybody would love to don the Batsuit. This trait even transcends race and gender. We all want to be Batman (Superman really but the point is still there).

RedHawkX1729d ago

i think he will be all right as batmam especially an older version. he did play daredevil the blind hero dude. and daredevil seemed alright and kind of batman like when he was in lawyer mode. his voice is probably the most concern people have but i think he can do a better cancer throat voice then the last guy.

Soldierone1729d ago

He has been trying to get involved with it somehow for a while now. If it wasn't behind the scenes stuff, it was acting.

TheFutureIsBlue1729d ago

$ and to get to play as Batman. Who would turn that down?