Deathstroke Teased as Batman Movie Villain by Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck took to his Twitter to release this teaser video of Deathstroke, probably early footage of the upcoming Batman movie.

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SarcasticDuck544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

omg! my favourite villain looks gorgeous! just get rid of Snyder and give Affleck a lifetime job! (as director of DCEU obviously. And with a "lifetime job" i mean he'll have a lot to make since he's also Batman)

Porcelain_Chicken544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

OH my god!!!! That looks amazing!! Holy hell!!! :O Hyyyyyyype!!! I can't wait!! >_< I don't even know what this is for!!!

dota2champion544d ago

I was hoping Joker would be the villain, I wanted to see more of him after his tiny cameo in Suicide Squad. At least the fight scene between batman and deathstroke will be good

NovusTerminus544d ago

This is for Justice League. Joker will likely be in a Batman solo film.

ZombieGamerMan544d ago

did Ben even say which movie Deathstroke is in cause it's highly doubtful that Justice League would bring in Deathstroke since he has nothing to do with Steppenwolf

Soldierone544d ago

The Wrap had exclusive coverage stating the main villain for the batman movie is deathstroke. This footage could still be from justice league, but the main villain is still deathstroke.

Ninte544d ago

As long it's at the end and an end credit scene then I'm for it

sonicwrecks544d ago

I am ALL for a cinematic Deathstroke. I just hope they do him justice.

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