The Daily Rotation - Monsters: Dark Continent Review

1h ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Monsters: Dark Continent is barely a sequel, failing to foll... | Indie film

Child 44 Review - Film Class Junkies

2h ago - FCJ’s Child 44 review, a waste of a great historical premise and the talents of Tom Hardy, Noomi... | Cinema

Daredevil (2015) Season 1 Review - Gambitcon

2h ago - There is really nothing more I can say about this show other than that if you are into comic book... | VOD

Good Witch “True Colors” Review (Season 1, Episode 8) - TV Equals

2h ago - TV Equals: Show your true colors. That is the theme of the season finale of the Hallmark Chann... | TV

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Outlander Season 1 Episode 11 Review: “The Devil’s Mark” - TVOM

2h ago - TVOM: I love Outlander; really, truly love it. It’s got a beautiful setting, strong characters (a... | TV

Louis "A La Carte" Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: I really enjoy the casual yin/yang chemistry between Pamela Adlon and Louis CK. I also reall... | TV

Big Bang Theory "The Communication Deterioration" Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: We may be getting close to the end of The Big Bang Theory's eighth season, but the show has... | TV

Vikings "Breaking Point" Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: There's something profoundly sweet and alluring about Ragnar's decision to get baptized (or... | TV

The Dead Lands Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: As a Māori-based action movie, The Dead Lands offers a unique take on the classic revenge ta... | Cinema

Community: "Basic Email Security" Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: First off, you have to commend Sony – who, lest we forget, produce Community – for letting D... | TV

The Messengers: Premiere Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: For the past couple of seasons, The CW seems to be really trying to fill their lineup with m... | TV

Justified: Series Finale Review - IGN

2h ago - IGN: Wow. Let's start with the obvious: I loved the ol' switcheroo. Raylan's hat flying off with... | TV

The Amazing Race Season 26 Episodes 7 & 8 Review: “Back In Business”/”Moment of Truth” - TVOM

2h ago - TVOM: As the teams on this season of The Amazing Race continue to get closer and closer to the ul... | TV

Grey’s Anatomy “One Flight Down” Review (Season 11 Episode 20) | TV Equals

2h ago - TV Equals: "The Grey’s Anatomy doctors are no strangers to handling medical emergencies stemming... | TV

The Amazing Race “Back in Business; Moment of Truth” Review (Season 26 Episode 7) | TV Equals

2h ago - TV Equals: "Look, I like The Amazing Race. I chose to review it, after all. However, two episodes... | TV

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 20 Review: “One Flight Down” | TVOM

2h ago - TVOM: "It was bound to happen at some point. Like the case of a mass shooting that forced the doc... | TV

Vikings “Breaking Point” Review (Season 3 Episode 9) | TV Equals

4h ago - TV Equals: "The writing appears to be on the wall for the direction Vikings is heading in next se... | TV

The Daily Rotation - Unfriended Review

4h ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Unfriended is the latest gimmick horror film that actually w... | Cinema

Cinema Bytes Review | Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

4h ago - Rinko Kikuchi (“Babel,” “Pacific Rim”) stars as the title character Kumiko, a woman in her late t... | Cinema

Cinema Bytes Review | Child 44

4h ago - There’s a lot wrong with “Child 44,” but the lack of regard toward the film’s direction is the mo... | Cinema

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Fast & Furious 7 Review | Resident Entertainment

4h ago - "James Wan who directed Fast & Furious 7 did a great job overall with a lot of the film. Not only... | Cinema

Scandal Season 4 Episode 19 Review: “I’m Just a Bill” | TVOM

8h ago - TVOM: "After a little break, and having left in the retina of the audience the image of Rowan Pop... | TV

American Crime Season 1 Episode 7 Review: “Episode Seven” | TVOM

8h ago - TVOM: "American Crime‘s examination of “the system” has led it to a number of intriguing, if not... | TV

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 18 Review: “I Could Never Love Like That” | TVOM

8h ago - TVOM: "It’s safe to say this is the beginning of the end of The Vampire Diaries as we know it. N... | TV

The Daily Rotation - Ex Machina Review

11h ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Alex Garland's directorial Ex Machina is a wobbly mess, bala... | Cinema
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