Last Minute Costume Ideas for Film/TV Buffs

3h ago - Halloween is here and there will be plenty of parties to attend, but you don’t want to be the per... | Culture

The Weekly Set 10/31/2014: Fall Show Club 2014 - Twin Peaks - Week 4, Episodes 19-24

4h ago - In this edition of The Weekly Set, we cover the fourth week of the TVE Fall 2014 Show Club, discu... | Culture

How To Screw Up Remakes And Reboots In 5 Simple Steps

9h ago - So, Hollywood has tasked you with re-visiting one of its most revered movie classics. You have a... | Culture

Moviegrapevine- Marvel and Black Panther

11h ago - After making a movie about a Norse God, a super soldier and a talking racoon, Marvel takes a risk... | Culture

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The 15 Dumbest Decisions In Horror Movie History

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6 Frightening Films for Halloween

11h ago - Denis Murphy- It's that time of year again, folks. The time of year to throw on a horribly put to... | DVD

The Flickering Myth Reaction: Marvel And DC’s Line-Up Of Movies – Which Is Better?

11h ago - It’s been an exciting few weeks for comic book movie fans with both Marvel and DC announcing thei... | Cinema

10 Best Live Action Marvel Moments Of 2014

11h ago - WC 2014 has been a big year for Marvel on the live action front. At Fox, the X-Men franchise w... | Culture

Why The 100 Is The CW’s Hidden Gem

1d 3h ago - TVOM: "I’m not sure why exactly I’ve been dodging The 100 for so long. It’s post-apocalyptic, my... | TV

Box Office: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Could Top $150M in U.S. Debut

1d 4h ago - THR: Lionsgate's YA film franchise The Hunger Games is showing no signs of fatigue. The Hunge... | Cinema

Ranking The Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise

1d 6h ago - Hard though it might be to believe, just after Halloween this year A Nightmare On Elm Street will... | Culture

9 Most Evil Nerds In Movie History

1d 6h ago - Usually, Hollywood geeks are the kind of lovable, friend-zoned sidekicks we root for, empathise w... | Culture

Will Black Widow Be Killed Off In Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

1d 10h ago - Kevin Feige has spoken about Black Widow being an essential Avenger, but only after the question... | Cinema

Comprehensive Theory on MCU Plans Leading to Phase 4 - Illuminati & More

1d 12h ago - Fanboys Anonymous attempts to predict the events that will transpire for the rest of the Marvel C... | Cinema

Top 10 Movie Assassins

1d 15h ago - IGN: What makes assassins so cool? Is it their grace under pressure? Canny sense of style? Or is... | Culture

Are Avengers: Age of Ultron's Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Actually Inhumans?

2d ago - CB: This afternoon, Marvel Studios announced an aggressive new slate of films coming between now... | Cinema

12 Interesting Age Of Ultron Theories Based On The Trailer

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10 Reasons Critics Are Calling Interstellar A Disappointment

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Captain Marvel Movie: 5 Things You Need To Know

2d ago - WC Without wishing to get into petty comic book rivalries, DC sort of just lost their Ace In T... | Cinema

20 Most Groundbreaking Horror Movies Of All Time

2d ago - WC The horror genre is often derided amongst critical circles as a genre not to be taken serio... | Culture

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10 Movies That Almost Had Much Better Endings

2d ago - WC As a rule, alternate endings don’t make it into the film because they were a bit naff; a ba... | Culture

20 Greatest Opening Lines In Movie History

2d ago - WC They always tell you not to judge based on first impressions, but we disagree — sometimes i... | Culture

10 Male Actors In Drag Who Will Sexually Confuse You

2d ago - WC It’s pretty easy to spot a man in drag. That’s probably because they don’t impersonate fema... | Culture

10 Great Horror Movies for Halloween That You've Never Seen

2d ago - says "There are a number of standard horror movies that many horror fans w... | Culture

10 Things To Expect From Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

2d ago - WC It has definitely been an exciting couple of weeks to be a fan of comic book movies, that’s... | Cinema
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