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CDM’s Alright Comedy: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Other Drugs

53d ago - Stand-up comedian Dennis McCarson hosts the first episode of Current Digital Magazine’s “Alright... | Culture

9 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Almost Turned Out Awesome

90d ago - WC: The Amazing Spider-Man is now officially over. Andrew Garfield is a former Peter Parker, The... | Cinema

How About That Amazing Spider-Man Director's Cut Now?

100d ago - CB: In the hours and days after it became clear that Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spid... | Cinema

10 Big Mistakes That Forced Sony To Give Up On The Amazing Spider-Man

107d ago - WC The wee hours of this morning brought the news that audiences had been clamouring for for y... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

8 Reasons Why Spider-Man Joining The Avengers Is A Bad Idea (For Marvel)

107d ago - WC It’s testament to the strength of Marvel’s name that “There’s a new Spider-Man reboot” has... | Cinema

10 Awesome Fan Theories That Improve The Spider-Man Films

111d ago - WC The Spider-Man movies – the first of which was released 13 years ago, believe it or not – h... | Culture

My Theory On 'The Gentleman' And His Role In The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

157d ago - CBM: Ever since the mysterious "Man In The Shadows" first appeared in 2012's THE AMAZING SPIDER-M... | Cinema

BaTB Comic Podcast Ep. 17 - Sony's Spidey Fiasco and Best Comics of 2014

159d ago - Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another exciting episode of Baby and The Beard. As you have almos... | Culture

The Amazing Spider-Man is a Beautiful Disaster

162d ago - Now these leaked emails have come out and it seems as if Sony has learned their lesson. Kind of.... | Cinema

Marvel Studios Head Addresses Spider-Man And The Avengers Rumors

211d ago - CB: While Marvel bombarded their fans with announcements concerning their Phase 3 film schedule a... | Cinema

5 Storylines To Connect Spider-Man With The Marvel Cinematic Universe

219d ago - CB: Rumors are once again circulating that Sony is currently considering a number of options to r... | Culture

10 Reasons Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Owns Tobey Maguire’s

221d ago - WC: The Amazing Spider-Man series may have its critics, but there’s one thing few can argue again... | Culture

Hollywood Huddle Episode 54: Another Pity Point

225d ago - We have to guests on this week! We discuss the Spidey rumors, The Walking Dead, Warner Brother’s... | Cinema

10 Things The Amazing Spider-Man Does Better Than The Original Trilogy

231d ago - WC Marvel are absolutely dominating the box office with their Cinematic Universe and 20th Cent... | Culture

Why Spider-Man Shouldn’t Cross Over With The Avengers

231d ago - There is currently a rumour going round that Sony’s Spider-Man as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man... | Cinema

Why Spider-Man Should Cross Over With The Avengers

231d ago - Now it’s rumored that Sony is trying to make its character relevant again by striking a deal with... | Cinema

Unamazing: How Sony Has Sabotaged Spider-Man

275d ago - Looking into why Sony's treatment of Spider-Man in their feature films may have sabotaged the fra... | Cinema

Why The Winter Soldier And The Amazing Spider-Man Prove We Don't Need Any More Origin Story Movies

275d ago - CBM: Hit the jump to read why we, as a film audience, no longer need any more origin story movies... | Culture

Identity Confirmed of Man in the Shadows from Spider-Man

275d ago - MediaStinger: "Marc Webb gives new details on the puzzling post-credits scenes. Webb also goes on... | Cinema

For Some Reason, Max Landis Has Tweeted That Marvel Has The Movie Rights To Spider-Man Back

379d ago - BC They lasted almost no time at all, but here are Max Landis’ tweets to the effect that Sony... | Cinema

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Which Spider-Man Stories Should Become Movies?

390d ago - The first four Spider-Man movies have utilized a number of classic Spider-Man stories: the origin... | Cinema

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review | Trailer Geek

399d ago - Nathan Payne of Trailer Geek reviews The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie recently released in UK cinem... | Cinema

How To Fix 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Franchise?

401d ago - CBM: Just to note I am a huge fan of Spider-Man. I grew up with the original trilogy; the new fra... | Cinema

X-Men Writer Simon Kinberg Preaches Visions of a Cross-Studio Marvel Cinematic Universe

401d ago - CS: 20th Century Fox closed out their WonderCon presentation with an extended look at X-Men: Days... | Cinema

Film Franchise Reboot's Box Office So Far

465d ago - Hollywood is a rash of reboots lately, it seems most studios are taking a chance on existing fran... | Industry
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