Emma Stone's 'Gwen Stacy' Featured In New 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Image

Although not too exciting, missing webhead, the latest still photo from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man reboot has hit the net featuring the beautiful Gwen Stacy. Check it out!

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alycakes2545d ago

At least we're seeing her now...I was interested in what roll she was playing because it's before Mary Jane enters the picture.

darren_poolies2544d ago

Wasn't it revealed a while ago that she would be playing Gwen?

alycakes2544d ago

Yes, it's been know all along but they just haven't shown her much.

Megaman_nerd2545d ago

the new suit looks so cool but Andrew looks like a total douchebag. =/

And Emma is hot hot hot! ;)

DarkBlood2545d ago

thats a mini bulk up i notice there and he looks smarter though im stereotyping that part a little bit compared to the other spiderman movies

alycakes2543d ago

I just can't get used to Spider-Man without Maryjane.

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