Has Spidey's Origin Been Drastically Altered In The Amazing Spider-Man?


Some apparent hints in the new trailer have led Devin Farcai of Badass Digest to spill some info about the movie he has been sitting on. According to him there is much more to Parker's powers than the bite from the spider. Possible SPOILER ahead

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edwest2208d ago

Sounds a lot like the origin of the Hulk in the Ang Lee movie, wherein the gamma radiation mutated existing cells placed during infancy by Banner's dad.

I don't have a problem with this change, it does seem hackneyed at this point though.

Lord_Sloth2207d ago

So long as he's not an annoying ass kid I wanna punch like he is in the comics.

Soldierone2207d ago

I actually really enjoy his smart remarks while he is in costume. I mean when he very first became spider-man people still treated him like crap, so he wanted to fight back.

That little smart remark attitude is just that issue lingering around. I won't lie I'd be like that too.

Crazay2207d ago

you are like that dude =P

crxss2207d ago

Really hope this isn't true. Guess we won't know till it releases

ThichQuangDuck2207d ago

It is slightly changed,because Marc Webb respects the comic book material but is making slight changes. This just shows that his dad knew of the radioactive spider and intended it for use for someone not necessarily his son

crxss2207d ago

I'm ok with that. Just not that Peter was engineered prior to the bite.

crxss2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

@thichquangduck below

OBVIOUSLY we don't know but that's what the article is implying...

ThichQuangDuck2206d ago


we do not know yet since these are theories I have seen a better one that parker would of died or it was their only way to stop shield or oscorp from getting and exploiting the formula. Only time will tell, I love that Webb finished with this trailer leaving many questions that you have to see the film to know

TopDudeMan2207d ago

Nah, he was born with it all along... lol.

KILLERAPP2207d ago

It looks awesome. People need to stop basing there movies opinions base on trailers. If you are so afraid then wait for reviews and even then you will have a hard time since opinions may vary.

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The story is too old to be commented.