Bold Alternate Costume Designs For The Amazing Spider-Man

CBM: Sony gambled nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on The Amazing Spider-Man and it paid off. It pulled in $752 million at the worldwide box office. But, would it have been as successful if Andrew Garfield had been wearing one of these three alternate costume designs?

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jak3y13oy1066d ago

they look darker, as if Christopher Nolan was doing a dark knight trilogy on spiderman! :L

Hergula1065d ago

I like the second outfit the most out of the three, has flare, looks good, and very fitting.

nzbleach1065d ago

Nice! I didn't mind the first spiderman movie but because i'm a hug spidy fan and liking the costumes, i'm giving this another chance.

coolbeans1065d ago

And here I was beginning to believe nothing could top the awful design of the costume in the first Amazing Spider-Man.

Hergula1065d ago

You thought it was that bad?

I thought it was actually quite decent, considering the storyline and all. My only problem was that the outfit did not fit Andrew's body that well, he needs to bulk up just a tiny bit, or the outfit needs to be altered. It was fine in the end inmo.

coolbeans1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

It just so aesthetically unpleasing to me. The eyes look strange on it and where those 'yuck!' colors meet just screams that some highfalutin designer was behind the whole thing rather than an actual high schooler that wanted a cool costume.

Edit: That's a pretty interesting new av btw.

Hergula1065d ago

I understand that, and agree to a certain level as well. I always hated that they never really showed how Andrew created the outfit, more than a few quick shots.

PS: Ty, I appreciate it. My website, The Hergula, just got a makeover, a new logo, a new color-scheme, and new writers. That's why I have been away from Newsboiler awhile. Glad to be back tho.

cell9891064d ago

I actually liked the 3rd one