The Lizard From The Amazing Spider-Man Revealed In the Form of a PEZ Dispenser

CBM says

Obviously he won't look exactly like this, but regardless, this is pretty much our first idea of how Rhys Evans will appear as the villainous lizard in Marc Webb's Spidey reboot

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Crazay2396d ago

HAHAHAH! I thought this was kinda funny but it does give a pretty decent sneak peek into what the Lizard will look like.

JL2396d ago

Umm...sneak peek? We've already seen exactly what the Lizard will look like via the SDCC footage. Why would we need a sneak peek?

Crazay2396d ago

I haven;t seen anything but a dark grainy image that didn't show much in the way of features. Were you at this presser at SDCC?

JL2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Yes I was at the Spider-Man panel at SDCC. We saw footage that gave a great glimpse at the Lizard. But since then, I'm pretty sure it's been online.

Edit: Correction. I've looked everywhere and it appears that footage hasn't been online other than really grainy images which don't show it well at all.

Crazay2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

See I tried to find something better but all I could see was this.

pomoluese2392d ago

Please tell me it looks a thousand times better than that. It reminds me of how awful Venom looked in the third.

darklordzor2396d ago

I'm sure the actual Lizard in the film will look way different. This PEZ dispenser actually reminds me of Killer Croc from Batman.

StarWarsFan2395d ago

The Spider-Man PEZ dispenser looks better than the CGI version of Spider-Man we saw in the first trailer.

2395d ago
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