Unused Title Sequence For The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Revealed

CBM says

Created by Framework Studio's Dan Pierse, check out this impressive title sequence which was considered by Sony but eventually passed on. Do you think that they made a mistake by deciding not to use it?

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Soldierone2273d ago

wasn't terrible, just look like it was more suited for something a bit longer.

MinimeJer052272d ago

Agreed. Went a little too fast, not allowing for much detail to be given. Would have liked to see it on another trailer though.

Crazay2272d ago

I'm not even really sure why I bothered to post this. It's not that exciting but it does look kinda cool.

StarWarsFan2272d ago

I probably would have passed on it too.

mindedone2272d ago

Agreed. I want my time back.

aDDicteD2268d ago

it was a nice title sequence though