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Christopher Nolan Says That Quote About Post-Credits Scenes is 'Inaccurate'

14d ago - EW Christopher Nolan has disputed the Guardian‘s report. By way of clarification, the filmmake... | Cinema

Did Aquaman Save Superman in Man of Steel?

61d ago - Schmoes Hey Schmoeville! So today, I bring to you something pretty cool. We’ve known for a... | Cinema

Why People Need To Get Over The Destruction In Man Of Steel

77d ago - Looking at why people need to get over the fact that Superman caused so much destruction in Man O... | Cinema

Brooding Superman, Where's Your Smile?

135d ago - Fans have reacted to the first image of Henry Cavill's Superman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Ju... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Comic Book Artist Neal Adams Bashes Man Of Steel

142d ago - Man of Steel is certainly one of the most divisive comic book movies ever. Over a year after the... | Cinema

Is 'Fantastic Four' Making the Same Mistake as 'Man of Steel'?

193d ago - Are there any three words that comic book fans are more tired of hearing from filmmakers? Those t... | Cinema

Marvel’s Joe Quesada Disappointed In Man Of Steel, Says It Made Zod The Hero

206d ago - Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada weighed in with his thoughts on the com... | Cinema

Did Captain America: The Winter Soldier Really Beat Man Of Steel?

226d ago - It’s easy to get lost in box office numbers. With all the various special screenings, early night... | Cinema

Hot Toys Man of Steel: Superman Sixth Scale Figure Review | Entertainment Buddha

246d ago - Entertainment Buddha's Matt Heywood writes, "The 200th addition to the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece... | Culture

DC Cinematic Universe Complete Timeline including Arrow, The Flash & Gotham

248d ago - Here is a complete timeline list of the DC Cinematic Universe. It connects events from both The F... | Cinema

'Man Of Steel 2' Lex Luthor Wish List Featured Tom Hanks; Adam Driver, Joaquin Phoenix

267d ago - Tom Hanks was reportedly among the actors on Warner Bros.' short list for the role of Lex Luthor... | Cinema

Man of Steel: The Forgotten Victims of Superman Versus Zod

288d ago - Illuminerd: Zach Snyder’s “Man of Steel” struck a cord with fanboys everywhere. There was a mome... | Cinema

Bryan Singer Would've Done Man Of Steel Differently; Why He Didn't Cast Henry Cavill

290d ago - CBM: X-Men Bryan Singer reveals why he would have approached Man of Steel differently and comment... | Culture

Five Most Controversial Comic Book Movie Scenes Of 2013

321d ago - As successful as they were at the box office, 2013 comic book movies contained some of the most c... | Culture

Geek Art: The Evolution of Superman Captured in Caricature Form

325d ago - Geek art extraordinaire, Anthony Geoffroy, has captured the essence of the six main Superman acto... | Culture

Favorite Movies Of 2013

332d ago - The New Year is more than a week away! And the staff at Geeked Out Nation has decided to give you... | Culture

Roundtable: Favorite Film of 2013

332d ago - The film industry flourished in 2013 with some of the excellent films released throughout the yea... | Cinema

Man Of Steel Tops Google Movie Search In 2013, Iron Man 3 Is Second

335d ago - CB: What were the most searched for movies on Google in 2013? Two superhero movies took the top t... | Culture

Man Of Steel Getting Best Picture Oscar Push By Warner Bros.

339d ago - Man of Steel is a movie that proved very divisive among comic book fans. Some fans loved director... | Cinema

Man of Steel Blu-ray Review | Clickonline

343d ago - Clickonline writes: "Man of Steel is a film that I wanted to fall in love with but a few too many... | Blu-ray

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Man Of Steel Is Top Movie Of 2013 With IMDb Users, Iron Man 3 Is Second

343d ago - IMDB has released their list of the Top Ten Movies of 2013, and IMDb users appear to love superhe... | Cinema

Man of Steel Snubbed In Academy Awards' "Visual Effects" Shortlist

347d ago - CBM While Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World have made the cut, Man of Steel is noticeably ab... | Cinema

Clickonline's Top 10 Action Scenes of 2013

350d ago - Clickonline writes "I want to emphasis, this IS NOT a list of the year’s greatest action movies.... | Culture

Arrow: Proof It’s Not Connected to Man of Steel in Tonight’s Episode?

350d ago - A throwaway line on tonight’s episode of Arrow may have (at least for now) settled the lingering... | Cinema

VFX Supervisor John Desjardin On Man Of Steel, The Dark Knight Returns And The Batman-Superman Movie

351d ago - BC John “DJ” Desjardin has worked with Zack Snyder since Watchmen, through Sucker Punch and no... | Cinema
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