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Man Of Steel Exclusive Casting Spoiler - Do Not Read If You Do Not Want To Know, I Mean It!

Hey folks, Harry here... For the past couple of days, we here at AICN have been following up a lead. Because it is about MAN OF STEEL, a Christopher Nolan production - the secrecy is... stifling. There have been no script leaks. The twists and turns of this film are still basically unknown. If the headline didn't keep you from clicking on this story - I am going to assume that you want to know.

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DarkBlood1884d ago

he even played the part of a cloned luthor in smallville too thats 2 people from smallville in this movie now lol

Sandmano1884d ago

I wonder why they didnt pick the superman from smallville? :P

Lord_Sloth1882d ago

I don't consider it much of a spoiler that Lex Luther might be in a Superman film.

InTheLab1881d ago

Going through the old "everything we've already seen in a Superman film"check list.

Zod and the other evil Kryptonians
Superman's Origin which everyone knows already

StarWarsFan1878d ago

He looks good in the part.