'Man of Steel' Will Keep Pivotal Scene With Destructive Tornado


In the upcoming film Man of Steel, Superman faces off against ruthless outcasts from his home planet. The last son of Krypton also encounters a more realistic force of nature on earth: a deadly tornado.
Man of Steel director Zack Snyder said there was never any discussion about altering the pivotal scene involving a twister following recent deadly storms in Oklahoma.

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Crazay1565d ago

I'm glad they didn't make a foolish knee jerk move in light of the recent events in Oaklahoma.

ajax171564d ago

Yeah, people understand. Disasters happen. That's no reason to change a film.

kudakadere1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Exactly , look at the things that happened in the years 2012 and 2011 and movies like 2012 still came out , shouldn't they have had 80% of their scenes deleted by this logic ? .

OhReginald1564d ago

censor censor censor....BLAH

Vaud-Villian1564d ago

Isn't anchoring the action in reality part of the emotional bond? I remember Cloverfield being nothing but constant New York 9/11 imagery. Just don't put in a random non sensical Chinese version pandering to the world market and I think you are ok.

DarkBlood1564d ago

good, it doesnt need to pander to extremly sensitive people, as if taking it out is going to make them even feel better about themselves at all

Clarence1564d ago

I'm glad their keeping it. The movie has been finished for awhile now. People are to sensitive.

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