Man of Steel Review (Gamerhub)

Despite a few stumbles, Zack Snyder's take on the heroic Superman soars.

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gamerlive1869d ago

It can't be any worse than Superman Returns.

TheDCD1869d ago

Oh, it's better than that.

Godmars2901868d ago

No. It can't.

Not unless general Zod is running some real estate scam.

awkwardhamster1869d ago

I wish they would move on to other story arcs, like Superman Red Son.

sikbeta1867d ago

I honestly don't have any idea of the story arcs in Superman movies, still don't know if the new ones are connected with the old ones, I'd want to see a Superman Begins kind of reboot or something, sure I'll watch this one without complains :P

NewJersian1869d ago

After the online vids on how superman might shave, show it or the movie is a bust. On a different note, when does the batman/superman team up movie happen and you know its happening.

I think this is the best way to put it, its hard to please everyone. There are going to be people who do not like this movie like with every movie ever made. I like seeing how writers and directors handle things that every superman movie had before it,like how the fortress of solitude should look, stuff like that,

RetrospectRealm1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

If you try and mark my report as fixed and get this approved without actually fixing it I'm going to report you to a site moderator.

As a side note, I also noticed that all the people who comment on this post only comment on submission from which obviously suggests someone has multiple accounts.

TheDCD1868d ago

The review isn't under embargo. It was a public screening which means it's fair game.

And the name of the site is, thus why it's called

wannabe gamer1868d ago

wow you really take this site seriously dont you, relax have a warm glass of milk and take a nap

ThaIllest891868d ago

Does it really matter how he shaves? Is the film's storytelling really focused on whether he shaves? Even if they did show it, how would it advance the storytelling, and how would it add anything to the film?

Oh, it doesn't? Okay, then why complain about it.

NewJersian1868d ago

Clearly I was joking around about it

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The story is too old to be commented.