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Kevin Smith Confirms Nikki Finke's DC Films Scoop

45d ago - CBM Last week news emerged (from former Deadline writer Nikki Finke) that DC have plans to ann... | Cinema

Wonder Woman Movie: Five Things We Want to See

46d ago - It appears there will finally be a Wonder Woman movie in theaters. That alone is enough to get pl... | Cinema

What Warner Bros/DC Comics Is Planning At Comic-Con In July

49d ago - From NikkiFinke: We know that Warner Bros Pictures is way behind Marvel Studios when it comes... | Cinema

Your Wonder Woman/Rocket Raccoon Post Is (Still) Missing the Point

156d ago - Back when the first footage for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy rolled out, somebody tweeted, in... | Cinema

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Showing Muscles From Batman Vs. Superman Training

163d ago - Actress Gal Gadot has posted a photo to her Facebook page showing off the muscles she is building... | Cinema

Kevin Smith Says Wonder Woman Movie Could Make A Fortune

164d ago - omic Book Men’s Kevin Smith is one of the few who has seen an early look at Ben Affleck’s Batman... | Cinema

Gal Gadot To Appear In Wonder Woman Standalone Movie & Justice League Movie

189d ago - As most fans likely suspected, Gadot will be part of not only the Batman Vs. Superman movie, but... | Cinema

Gal Gadot Has Signed A 3 Picture Deal To Appear As Wonder Woman

190d ago - CBM: Although not exactly surprising, Gadot revealed that she's locked in to appear as Wonder... | Industry

Hollywood Huddle Episode 22: Let It Happen

231d ago - This week we are joined again by Tony, who helps us deliver our most organic opening yet! We disc... | Culture

Game Druid's Choices for Wonder Woman Other Than Gal Gadot

237d ago - The writing's on the wall now with Gal Gadot being cast of Wonder Woman; but we were asked (after... | Cinema

Jaimie Alexander Talks Wonder Woman Role On Tonight Show

258d ago - On Thursday night’s Tonight Show, Jay Leno asked Thor: The Dark World’s Jaimie Alexander about th... | Cinema

Olivia Munn Talks Wonder Woman On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

325d ago - CBN: Olivia Munn can be currently seen on HBO's Newsroom as Sloan Sabbith where the actress recen... | Cinema

Aubrey Plaza's Superhero Dreams

361d ago - EW: Could Aubrey Plaza’s signature deadpan humor translate into a classic superhero? The Parks an... | Cinema

Are You 'Convinced' Wonder Woman Couldn't Work on Film?

363d ago - THR DC Comics writer Grant Morrison suggests that there isn't anything wrong with Wonder Woman... | Cinema

Jaimie Alexander "Wonder Woman" Needs The 'Bourne' Treatment

566d ago - MTV: Jaimie Alexander is a big comic book fan. She not only gets to play Lady Sif in the "Thor"... | Cinema

Top 5 DCU Animated Original Movies

645d ago - Clickonline writes "Shifting between reproducing scene for scene the graphic novels that inspired... | DVD

Five Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman In Justice League

723d ago - CBM Well, Justice League or her own solo movie that is! While the planned small screen series... | Culture

'Green Lantern' Scribe Michael Goldenberg To Pen 'Wonder Woman'

784d ago - The Playlist: There has been a lot of talk around "Wonder Woman" for the past year or so, but no... | Cinema

Joss Whedon Still Explaining His Wonder Woman Vision

996d ago - Vulture says Joss Whedon's a guy who can make a Shakespeare movie in the span of a few days bu... | Cinema

Geek Nation Talks Conan The Barbarian, Fright Night, Wonder Woman, Logans Run and More

1076d ago - Gareth with Skewed and Reviewed talks with the Geek Nation team about Conan The Barbarian, Fright... | Cinema

Empire Big Screen ‘11: Nicolas Winding Refn Says ‘Wonder Woman’ A Go If He Does ‘Logan’s Run’ Right

1078d ago - The Playlist: More and more of The Playlist team are catching up with Nicolas Winding Refn‘s “Dr... | Cinema

Thor Startlet Jaimie Alexander Turned Down Wonder Woman Offers; Wants to Play Lara Croft

1136d ago - Thor's Lady Sif recently disclosed that she's been offered the role of the famous Amazonian Princ... | Cinema

Justice League, the Movie? Warner Chief Sets Sights on Team-up Film and 'Reinventing’ Batman

1219d ago - Hero Complex and LA Times say: Jeff Robinov is already thinking about DC Comics movies for 201... | Cinema

There Will Never Be A “Wonder Woman” Movie

1484d ago - Premiere: DC Comics radically altered the costume of their most popular female character. Here's... | Cinema

Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

1489d ago - Screen Rant: Wonder Woman is sporting a new costume in the 600th issue of her comic book. Will th... | Cinema
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