First Wonder Woman Set Photos Reveal Chris Pine As 'Steve Trevor' And A New Cast Member

CBM: The folks at Warner Bros. failed to make an official announcement that the Wonder Woman movie had commenced principal photography earlier this week, but now we have photos to prove it. In addition to a first look at Chris Pine as the Amazon Princess Diana's main squeeze, Steve Trevor, the set photos also reveal (and come from) new cast member Saïd Taghmaoui, who nonchalantly posted the photos to his Instagram yesterday. Both actors appear to be sporting threads from the World War II era, which further indicates that the DC Comics adaptation will have a period setting.

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Aldous_Snow979d ago

Chris Pine is a great actor. Did a brilliant job as Captain Kirk.

Actually looking forward to Wonder Woman. Makes a change seeing a female superhero lead.

Porcelain_Chicken979d ago

Weird get-ups. I guess this really is a period piece. He's basically the male equivalent of Peggy Carter now.

I was really hoping he'd be New52 Steve Trevor, constantly butting heads had Amanda Waller.

OJSoFunky978d ago

Chris Pine elevates anything, will hopefully be able to make Gadot look capable.