8 Awesome Moments From The Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer

Josh from WGTC writes "After Warner Bros. released the first trailer on Saturday, we gave it a handful of watches and have chosen the best moments from one of the weekend’s most exciting sneak peeks."

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Skinman91421d ago

Just not into Wonder Woman... That character rubs me the wrong way. This movie is going to bomb.

Christopher421d ago

Pretty big take off from "just not into her" to then go straight to "the movie will bomb".

I mean, that's like saying "I'm just into Sci-Fi movies. Star Wars will bomb."

Inzo420d ago

So this movie is going to bomb because this character rubs you the wrong way? Ok, moving on.

KingPin420d ago

so if you dont buy a ticket, millions of others wont either.

zerocarnage420d ago

Film looks good an gal gadore looks ace as wonder woman as well as hot. Mite have to find a quiet corner in the cinema lol.