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'Night Moves' Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

9h ago - Kelly Reichardt’s slow burn style brings much weighty tension to the activist turned terrorist th... | Indie film

'What We Do In The Shadows' Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

12h ago - A loving spoof and homage to bloodsucking creatures of the night, What We Do in the Shadows is po... | Indie film

Ambitious Documentary to Explore Video Game Music History

3d ago - 'Players' Score: A Video Game Music Documentary' launches onto Kickstarter and looks to show the... | Culture

Watch: Ewan McGregor & Brenton Thwaites Go For Gold In First Trailer For 'Son Of A Gun'

4d ago - The Playlist: With names like Ewan McGregor, Alicia Vikander and Brenton Thwaites among the cast... | Indie film

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Robert Englund Discusses New Slasher Set in a Cinema

4d ago - IGN Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund discusses the banality of evil in new film The... | Indie film

Interview: James Rolfe & Kevin Finn on The AVGN Movie |

9d ago - Co-directors James Rolfe and Kevin Finn discuss shooting digitally, post-production, special effe... | DVD

Star Trek Axanar’s Trailer is Better Than Both Abrams Movies Combined

9d ago - Ross Everman of Fully 'Avin It writes: OK, so ‘trailer’ may be the wrong word, but the twenty-min... | Indie film

Get a Free Download of the Incredible Trailer Track for Jamin Winan's The Frame

9d ago - Clickonline writes: "Winans recently debuted the trailer for The Frame online, accompanied by a t... | Indie film

First Full Length Trailer for Sci-Fi Film Gilgamesh Released

10d ago - From Cinelinx: Science Fiction is hitting our Indie Beat today, bringing with it the first fu... | Indie film

Septic Man (2014) Movie Review on Popzara

10d ago - Not just a visual mess, but a narrative one as well, as if to be less like a movie and more an en... | Indie film

Interview With 'All This Mayhem' Director Eddie Martin

15d ago - Matt’s Movie Reviews talks to director Eddie Martin about his latest film 'All This Mayhem', skat... | Indie film

Watch the Trailer for The Frame - From Jamin Winans the Director of Indie Hit Ink

16d ago - Clickonline writes: "Jamin went quiet for a couple of years, producing a showcase short in 2010 c... | Indie film

Benign with B-TEN: What’s the Best Game/Movie of the Year So Far?

22d ago - Editor-in-Chief Gabe Carey joins Dennis McCarson and Patrick Toworfe to discuss game/movie of the... | Cinema

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2014) Review on Popzara

23d ago - Goku faces an enemy so fierce that it can only be shown on the big screen in Dragon Ball Z: Battl... | Indie film

Top Movies By The Year

23d ago - Mr. Flaw lays out a bunch of lists regarding his favorite movies from the 80s all the way to pres... | DVD

Hot Trailer: Dan Stevens In 'The Guest'

24d ago - Deadline: Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens is a seemingly well-intentioned Iraq vet who visits the gr... | Indie film

Chef Review - Film Class Junkies

26d ago - The Film Class Junkie reviews Chef: the analogical film by director/actor Jon Favreau, starring J... | Indie film

The Daily Rotation - Boyhood Review

27d ago - Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Richard Linklater‘s 12 year in the making experimental drama... | Indie film

'Frank' Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

27d ago - Headlined by Michael Fassbender in an odd and humble performance, 'Frank' is an ode to the creati... | Indie film

Sharknado 2 Ratings Devour Original, Set Syfy Record

30d ago - TVF: Sharknado 2 devoured everything in its path last night, including last summer's original.... | Indie film

Get paid to review products

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Interview With 'These Final Hours' & 'Arrow' Actress Jessica De Gouw

30d ago - Matt's Movie Reviews talks to actress Jessica De Gouw about her new film 'These Final Hours' and... | TV

Batkid Begins Trailer

34d ago - CBN Last November saw the city of San Francisco changed into Gotham City for Miles Scott, a yo... | Indie film

Documentary On Tim Burton's Superman Lives

37d ago - CBM New full-length trailer has just been released for "The Death of Superman Lives; What Happ... | Indie film

Live Action VR Short ‘In Paris’ Now Available

39d ago - VRFocus - OKIO Studio have launched their debut virtual reality (VR) project, In Paris, available... | Culture

Watch: First Trailer For Horror 'Honeymoon'

39d ago - The Playlist: At this point you’re not a major festival if you don’t have a portion of your sche... | Indie film
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