Gingerclown 3D Trailer

1983: A group of high school students are having a great time near Hollywood Hills at the weekend when they bump into the Loser from their school, Sam, who's just on his way home. Sam would do anything in order to get Jenny's attention, one of the prettiest girls in school. Unfortunately she's also the girlfriend of the school's bully, Biff, the quarterback of the football team.

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Best-Horror-Movies1854d ago

Tim Curry will make this film, looking forward to it.

maniacmayhem1854d ago

"Police Academy's Michael Winslow"

Stopped reading..

Sahil1854d ago

If htey are ever to do another Freddy Film which I doubt they ever will Tim Curry should do the voice of Freddy Krueger .

Defectiv3_Detectiv31854d ago

So awesome. It's a stellar lineup of horror thespians, ufortunately it looks like they were only used for their voice talent.

dboyman1853d ago

Didn't Tim Curry also play that evil clown "demon" from that mini series ( made in 1990s) adapted from Stephen King's IT?

Sahil1845d ago

Yes, I remember that and he was solo good at it. Just thinking about it makes me think this is gonna be amazing.

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