Lord of Darkness Trailer

Sawney Bean led a clan of cannibals responsible for the deaths of over a thousand people in Scotland during the High Middle Ages… or so the legend goes. Most historians believe he never existed – noting that the claimed kill numbers do not correspond with missing persons reports.

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Best-Horror-Movies1147d ago

another cannibal movie, hope it's good.

FaSCoRP1146d ago

It seems to be it needed to start with "Saw" to catch more audience. Next we will be seeing things like "Sawsages", "Sawgirl" and "Sawcide"...

mt1146d ago

I don't to see the movie anymore this almost 4 mins is a summary of the movie.

Sahil1145d ago

everything you need to know about the movie, it's in the trailer.

RetrospectRealm1146d ago

Why are all of these horror movie trailers from Best-Horror-Movies getting the hottest posts of the day the past few weeks? Most of them are for sucky movies too.

Sahil1145d ago

that tells you, people love horror movies on here.

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