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‘Frogz Legz’ The Best Teaser You’ll See This Month

Bloody Disgusting

I will never understand what inspires people to make some of the films they do… but thank god they push forward, especially in this case.

Can you imagine filmmaker Corin Hardy pitching his indie project Frogz Legz?

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Crazay2078d ago

LOL!! What the hell? That's a strange strange idea but somehow I'm intrigued. I give the guy an A for originality at any rate.

b163o12077d ago

This film may be complete crap, but it's an original concept and one thing I've complained about many times is films lack originality, so I'll watch it...

Crazay2077d ago

No I totally agree with you. Originality is sorely lacking these days so big props to this guy for taking a big risk. I'd totally watch this movie purely based on that reasoning.

MinimeJer052078d ago

Well done I'd say. Interesting concept.

Knight_Crawler2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I would still hit that...nothing a paper bag and a bottle of JD can't fix.

Plus she had more a$$ when she turned into a frog than when she was human.

Beahmscream2077d ago

God I always thought I had a frog fetish.. this confirms it

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