Hidden message the start of 'Paranormal Activity 2's viral marketing?

A secret message found at the end of the film's new teaser trailer poses an ominous question, and may very be the start of Paranormal Activity 2's advertising plan.

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darklordzor2917d ago

The part about the baby is what creeps me out the most with this picture

amsdesignphoto2917d ago

Ever since the trailer, I'm on edge. Too freaky. With the weather today, the trailer and image accent the creepy feel as it's dark and overcast with all the rain. What perfect timing :)

CMDobson2917d ago

Yeah the baby part is definitely creepy.

darklordzor2917d ago

Yeah and I didn't catch that until later, but if you watch the actual trailer, you'll notice that in the scene with the possessed Katie, it's the same thing. No baby in the crib, but he's in the mirror....part of me wishes I hadn't noticed it.

2916d ago
mediafrenzii2916d ago

I saw Paranormal Activity last week and although it was extremely watchable I'm not too sure about a sequel.

darklordzor2916d ago

Yeah I'm worried about it too. I'm just not sure they can have the same effect in a sequel, but the trailer has given me hope.

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The story is too old to be commented.