The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale

A fan of both films takes a look at the two, deciding what they have in common,what's different, and which film is best suited for which audience.

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CircleGuy1972d ago

Absolutely terrible analysis but I love his sweet cans... jk, really good Chris

ChrisX1041972d ago

I assumed the picture would be all anyone remembered from the article. It's all i remember from writing it!

MySwordIsHeavenly1971d ago

Already tired of this comparison... -_-

It is a very well written article, however, so I have no problem giving it hits.

ChrisX1041971d ago

I knew everyone was getting tired of the comparison, as was I. But I wanted to do it fairly without screaming "RIPOFF" and I think it worked it. Thanks for the help!

-MD-1971d ago

The biggest difference between the two films for me is the fact that I actually wanted to see Battle Royale and I have barely any interest to see Hunger Games.

aDDicteD1971d ago

after watching battle royale you'll have an interest watching hunger games too

-MD-1971d ago

I've already seen Battle Royale, I still don't want to see Hunger Games.

Thatguy-3101971d ago

thats the reason i got hyped up for the hunger games. i would have like to see a BR remake because i loved the fact that it was students vs. students. and the characters actually looked like innocent kids. BR is my new favorite movie. Plus the movie is more brutal.

WetN00dle691970d ago

Agreed! I too have no interest in watching the hunger games. Im fine with my Battle Royale.

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The story is too old to be commented.