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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (Blu-ray) Review on Popzara

1d 19h ago - The Justice League takes a dark, but welcomed turn in one of the best DCAU entries yet. Full r... | DVD

CeX Review- Lost River

3d ago - Sam Love writes- I have a lot of respect for Ryan Gosling. Despite initially hitting the big time... | DVD

Top 5 Movies To See - August 2015

Now - The month of August will feature more superheroes putting up a fight at the box office, the past coming back to haunt Jason Bateman, and one of our... | Promoted post

CeX Review- Big Hero 6

3d ago - Sam Love writes- I grew up on Disney. I can still see the shelves of Disney VHS in my old family... | DVD

CeX Review- Chappie

3d ago - Denis Murphy writes- I'm never quite sure what to make of Neil Blomkamp. On one hand he directed... | DVD

CeX Review- Jupiter Ascending

3d ago - Denis Murphy writes- Like the vast majority of you reading this, I'm a huge, huge fan of The Matr... | DVD

CeX Review- It Follows

3d ago - Denis Murphy writes- I love horror. Whether it's through reading some H.P Lovecraft or Stephen Ki... | DVD

CeX Review- Tusk

3d ago - Denis Murphy- I'm not one of those long time Kevin Smith fans that thinks he's shit now. Then aga... | DVD

CeX Review- Digging Up the Marrow

3d ago - Denis Murphy writes- Both as a reviewer and a lover of movies, there's nothing quite like going i... | DVD

CeX Review- Inherent Vice

3d ago - Sam Love writes- Ever wanted to go back in time to the early 1970s and sample the drugs in the hi... | DVD

CeX Review- Love is Strange

3d ago - Sam Love writes- As a film reviewer, I’ve always told myself to give any film a chance. Writing m... | DVD

San Andreas Blu-ray and DVD Arrive October 13

3d ago - CS Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced today that San Andreas, the recent summer blockbu... | DVD

Dead Rising Watchtower Review - CramG

4d ago - A video and text based review of the video game tie in movie Dead Rising Watchtower. "Dead Rising... | DVD

BagoGames | 'The Road Within' Review

5d ago - BagoGames The Road Within is the kind of heartfelt, enjoyable, and sensitive film that you wou... | DVD

Justice League: Gods & Monsters Clip - Batman Attacked

6d ago - IGN In this clip from the new animated film Justice League: Gods & Monsters, strange beings at... | DVD

IGN | 'The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?' Review

9d ago - IGN The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? feels like a pretty strong rebuttal to that vi... | DVD

Screenrant | ‘Justice League: Gods And Monsters’ Review

10d ago - Screenrant For those fans stuck on the idea that this alternate version of things is too far r... | DVD

IGN | 'Justice League: Gods And Monsters' Review

10d ago - IGN Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett have successfully delivered a fresh and exciting take on the J... | DVD

Mad Max Fury Road & Mad Max 4-Film Anthology Dated & Detailed

13d ago - From paulsemel.com: Mad Max Fury Road will be released on Blu-ray & DVD on September 1 and digita... | DVD

Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray) Review / Popzara

13d ago - Finn and Jake are back for another dramatic and funny season in one of their best yet. Full re... | DVD

The Death of 'Superman Lives:' What Happened? Review - Film Class Junkies

13d ago - Film Class Junkies' The Death of 'Superman Lives:' What Happened? Review, a flawed film that will... | DVD

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Batman: Bad Blood First Details

14d ago - Batman: Bad Blood is the next film from DC's Animated line and will see the debut of Batwoman and... | DVD

Back to the Future will be Back in the Theaters

18d ago - EB "Fans of Back to the Future received some good news today, as Universal announced the trilogy... | DVD

Here’s Nicolas Cage As Superman

19d ago - BD One of the most well-known superhero films to never make it behind cameras was Superman Liv... | DVD

“Powers Season 1″ Blu-ray, DVD Review — paulsemel

21d ago - From paulsemel.com: After watching both the episodes and the extras on the "Powers Season 1" Blu-... | DVD

Batman: The Killing Joke is WB's Next Animated Movie

22d ago - From Cinelinx: DC Comics and WB have been making some of the best animated movies around and... | DVD
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