In Defense Of: ‘The Mist’

Though it’s bleak and heavy, we come to the defense of Frank Darabont’s 2007 filmic adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist.

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nucky6489d ago

i thought it was a good movie

Marcello89d ago

Yea very good movie but a lot of people hated the ending.

PhantomS4289d ago

The movie was pretty good. The show on the other hand...trash.

BioDead89d ago

Can someone please explain me something, please?! I see references and news about this The Mist movie (2008 or something) and whats the deal with it? I have seen this movie couple times and kinda don't understand what the fuss is all about...

FTLmaster89d ago

The ending was criticised as being too bleak and depressing. Especially compared to the novel it’s based on by Stephen King, though King actually liked the movie’s ending.

Marcello89d ago

Ending could be seen as a sick joke. Darabont had no choice but leave it in. The test audience were split, either they loved it or hated it so Darabont showed it to Stephen King & he said he wished he had come up with it.

MWH89d ago

It was a good movie, one of my personal favorites actually.

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