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Man Up Review - AVClub

AVClub: Telling a woman to “man up” doesn’t exactly count as progressive, but at least the British romcom Man Up reverses gender stereotypes less clumsily than Trainwreck did. Here, it’s Jack (Simon Pegg) who’s prone to public crying jags yet undeterred from seeking happiness, and it’s Nancy (Lake Bell, doing a passable English accent) who’s retreated from the world and prefers to sit around lip-syncing all the dialogue from The Silence Of The Lambs. That’s about as distinctive as the movie gets, though. Apart from a brief, glorious stretch during which Jack and Nancy actively despise each other, allowing Pegg and Bell to truly cut loose, Man Up mostly squanders a promising premise and hits a whole lot of familiar beats. Nancy’s “mantras,” written in a notebook, include “Put yourself out there” and “Take chances,” but she’s stuck in a movie that isn’t terribly interested in doing either. Rather than aim for uproarious, it constantly settles for amusing.

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