On The Babadook, It Follows, And The New Age Of Unbeatable Horror

The A.V. Club

There’s an old saying that one is an example, two is a coincidence, and three is a trend. That’s especially true when it comes to horror, where either because of synchronicity or cold commercial calculation, trends bubble up seemingly overnight, and then dominate the genre for years. One slasher film is an anomaly. Two? Well, sometimes minds—great or otherwise—think alike. But if there’s three? Brace for the glut.

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WizzroSupreme996d ago

The New Age of Horror is one I wanna live in forever.

RetrospectRealm995d ago

I hope it comes soon. I don't think it has started yet. We've only got a few good horror films. Nothing really different from past years.

RetrospectRealm996d ago

The Babadook is freaking terrifying. It's that scream though... "DOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!!!! !!!"