Are VIP Screenings Worth The Expense

We’ve seen them at certain cinemas. The promise land of the VIP screen. Well what exactly does it entail? Is it worth the price of admission. Read on to find out.

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HRoach6161516d ago

Sometimes it's really worth it. At my VIP theater screenings it's 19+ for age. There's other perch like ordering from ur seat and drinking booze in the screening or at the bar. But I don't use it for that.
Me and my gf see the movies in the VIP when it's a movie where there could be a lot of kids/young people. Like avengers or x-men type of thing. It's much more enjoyable when there isn't a bunch of kids screaming or laughing all the time. The price is a little crazy, but sometimes it's worth it for the better setting it's in.