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MenStuff’s Top 5 Action Movies Of 2014 (So Far)

29d ago - 2014 has already been jam-packed with some man-tastic action movies – more so than any other year... | Culture

CeX Review- Godzilla

35d ago - Denis Murphy writes- I've been a Godzilla fan all my life. However, my introduction to all things... | DVD

DVD Review – Godzilla (2014) Flickering Myth

53d ago - Godzilla is very flawed due to issues at script level, but its a brilliant effort from Gareth Edw... | DVD

Top 5 Godzilla Monsters

53d ago - To celebrate the home entertainment release of Gareth Edward’s 2014 reboot of Godzilla, we take a... | Cinema

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Blu-ray Review: Godzilla | Cinematically Enigmatic

92d ago - Godzilla's grand North American debut in 1998 should have signaled the start of something special... | Blu-ray

Godzilla Blu-ray Review | Metal Arcade

92d ago - Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes: Godzilla fans have been waiting a long time for something t... | DVD

Godzilla (2014) Blu-Ray Review | Cinelinx

95d ago - From Cinelinx: The King of All Monsters certainly made an impression when it at long last ret... | Blu-ray

Godzilla Blu-ray And DVD Review — paulsemel

95d ago - While the Godzilla Blu-ray and DVD isn't as monstrous as fans might've wanted, to still presents... | DVD

Godzilla Goes 8-bit

98d ago - The gang at Cinefix brings us a look at the newest Godzilla in 8-bit incarnation. | Culture

Gareth Edwards' Godzilla Gets An Honest Trailer

100d ago - CBM: Screen Junkies is at it again, this time tackling the Gareth Edwards-helmed Godzilla. Even t... | Cinema

Godzilla Blu-ray Review - DoBlu

106d ago - A Blu-ray review of Warner/Legendary's Godzilla release with full resolution screen shots | Blu-ray

Godzilla Opening Credits: What Was Blacked Out?

116d ago - CB: The opening credits to Gareth Edwards's recent Godzilla remake were actually pretty cool. Giv... | Cinema

Godzilla Blu-Ray Gets Detailed and Dated

151d ago - From Cinelinx: One of my favorite films of the Summer came in the form of Gareth Edwards' God... | Blu-ray

Godzilla Arrives in Tokyo Park

156d ago - King 5 Crewmember Tetsuo Hayashi airbrushes the final touches to a 6.6 meter replica of the fa... | Culture

Transformers 4 & Godzilla Concept Art By John J. Park

165d ago - CBM: Conceptual artist John J. Park has updated his blog with terrific key frame art that he crea... | Cinema

MovieFile - Godzilla (2014) Review - Nerdgenious

170d ago - Mike looks at the pro's, con's and how the trailers managed to mislead the viewers into thinking... | Cinema

Alternate Muto Designs For Godzilla

177d ago - CBM: Conceptual illustrator, Vance Kovacs ("Thor"), has updated his website with MUTO concept art... | Cinema

Box Office: $477M Worldwide For Godzilla, Edge Of Tomorrow Approaching $300M

178d ago - CBM: Gareth Edwards' Godzilla has now earned $477 million USD worldwide, while the Tom Cruise led... | Cinema

The Godzilla Review: The Karachiite

179d ago - TK: Among the most highly-anticipated blockbusters to release this year ‘Godzilla’ finally made i... | Cinema

From The TACO Seat: Godzilla (2014)

186d ago - The King of the Monsters is back, this time under the wing of Gareth Edwards, known for other his... | Cinema

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Godzilla (2014) Review | FilmGamesEtc

187d ago - If you were to draw up a list of the biggest icons in film history, Godzilla, that big green-scal... | Cinema

Godzilla Review | STFUandPlay

201d ago - STFUandPlay's Brian Munjoma writes; "It’s been a long wait but one of the most iconic movie mo... | Cinema

Godzilla (2014) Review | LRA

203d ago - LRA writes: Godzilla has been a staple film franchise for sixty years and like all long runnin... | Cinema

Godzilla Review - Pulp 365

205d ago - A tense, clever monster movies that feels slightly too much like two different movies. Made up fo... | Cinema

Godzilla (2014) Movie Review | Game Druid

207d ago - Game Druid: Giant lizards are one thing, but then you have, Godzilla – over 60 years, this mad... | Cinema
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