See the New Godzilla Now (We Also Have Video Of The Comic-Con Panel)


While I sit in shock that not a single person was able to record the Legendary/Warner Bros. Godzilla teaser trailer out of the massive Hall H San Diego Comic-Con panel, a fan allegedly did manage to sneak out a single frame displaying the big green machine!

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darklordzor1737d ago

It's not really a shock that no one recorded it...seeing as how people are told NOT to.

Crazay1737d ago

I'm sure it's out there somewhere. We just haven't been able to uncover it yet.

Crazay1735d ago

Mothra would be pretty cool wouldn't it? Sounds like they have another giant creature in it though.

Hergula1735d ago

I just like Mothra, but I guess that there are better creatures to appear in the film.

level 3601735d ago

I certainly hope they deliver well with new Godzilla flick because the 3D version of Pacific Rim simply blew me away literally with all the stunning CGI visuals and the sound in the theater was also absolutely magnificent.

Fergusonxplainsall1735d ago

This Godzilla heads shaped like a alligator.

I like the destruction pics.

Still waiting on Godzilla VS King Kong JR in 3D.