Godzilla Unveiled In San Diego


The movie isn’t out until May 2014 but Legendary Pictures tonight provided a glimpse in San Diego at what their Godzilla is going to look like. And while not a scene from the movie itself, you do get an up close and personal look at the monster as he almost sticks his head though the window-like screen. (Or just a smudge? Yes, it’s a lousy pic – but the first one.)

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Crazay1738d ago

It's a good start. From the early looks at him, he seems to very much resemble the original which is a great thing in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing more from this movie.

FullMetalTech1736d ago

Yeah definately. Im happy that they stook to the original design concept.

LOL_WUT1736d ago

Looks great I wish I could go to comic con I don't live too far away from the actual event. ;)

coolbeans1736d ago

Already distancing from the Emmerich Godzilla film is a great start.