In Defence Of The New Batman: 9 Great Ben Affleck Performances

For years Ben Affleck was widely dismissed as ‘Matt Damon’s less-talented friend’, and recent outrage at his casting as Batman suggests the knives are still out for the Hollywood star.

But as well as winning widespread acclaim with his recent directorial efforts (Argo, The Town, Gone Baby Gone), the actor-turned-filmmaker can also take pride in a number of impressive – and often overlooked – turns in front of the camera.

In the same week that Affleck hit back at his critics in entertaining and good-natured style, WOW247 takes a look at nine terrific performances by the star.

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aDDicteD1705d ago

arguably he is a really good actor and now director, but he is to famous to play batman and that will be the problem not his acting skills. you will always see ben affleck in the costume and that will be distracting.