And Nolan’s Pick For The Batman Reboot Is…


According to “internet sources” Christopher Nolan has recommend American actor Wes Bentley to play Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel. The rumor comes as Warner Bros. get’s ready to announce who the next actor to pay The Dark Knight will be.

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Crazay1736d ago

I might be in the minority here but I think he'd probably be pretty good in the role. Personally, I think he'd be best if it was batman year one but I think he could pull it off.

DarkBlood1736d ago

Its a very odd choice but i only seen him in Ghost rider and hunger games lol.

i guess i'll have to see him in the batsuit and being muscles up then im sure all will be good mostly

Crazay1736d ago

I think he's got the ability to pull it off just fine. In my opinion he'd be much better off cast as Batman Year One but if they want to take this is a slightly different direction from the older highly experienced Batman, then he'll fit in well.

cell9891736d ago

he did play BlackHeart in Ghost Rider, so he has some comic book experience already

GenericNameHere1736d ago

But he was a horrible Blackheart...

Lord_Sloth1736d ago

He may not have been true to his comic self but that's not the actor's fault. He did a fine job with what he was given.

cell9891735d ago

I don't think it was his fault, it was the directors vision that killed the character

broonyin1735d ago

he pretty much looks like clark kent/superman more than batman, terrible choice.

N81736d ago

I never even knew who the guy was but after seeing him I have to agree

Anthotis1736d ago

Better than Ryan Gosling..

ironfist921735d ago

Ryan would make a better Barry Allen

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The story is too old to be commented.