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The Beginner’s Guide To Christopher Nolan’s Mind-Bending Films

29d ago - Film Inquiry: "One of the year’s most-anticipated films is Interstellar, and it is directed by ac... | Culture

Here's What The Incredibles Would Have Looked Like Directed By Christopher Nolan

31d ago - CBM: The Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan has tackled a variety of genres, but not... | Culture

Matthew McConaughey And Christopher Nolan Make SDCC Debuts For Interstellar

66d ago - CBM Despite helming The Dark Knight Trilogy, director Christopher Nolan has never made an appe... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan on His Star Wars Influence and Interstellar

186d ago - IGN: Very little is known about Christopher Nolan's upcoming space odyssey Interstellar. The Dark... | Cinema

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Christopher Nolan Warns Theater Owners: How 'Interstellar' Is Presented

188d ago - Deadline: The large graphic hovering above today’s CinemaCon luncheon filmmaker interview event... | Cinema

The Best Trailers for Christopher Nolan's Movies

273d ago - IGN: With the first teaser trailer for his next film Interstellar now in theaters, let's take a l... | Culture

Hollywood Huddle Episode 20: Call In

307d ago - It’s the big 2-0! Twenty weeks you have listened to us, and we couldn’t be more Thankful, which i... | Cinema

The Dark Knight Rises: How Christopher Nolan Kept Bruce Wayne's "Death" A Secret

307d ago - CBM: At the end of The Dark Knight Rises the citizens of Gotham as well as the entire world belie... | Cinema

Film Meets Art – Chris Nolan Inspired By Francis Bacon

307d ago - Tate: Christopher Nolan reveals how paintings by Francis Bacon inspired the Joker’s smeared make-... | Culture

Is DC on the Right Track With The Choices They Have Been Making?

386d ago - DC have really jumped into the fray now it would seem, trying to cash in on the film fire that is... | Industry

Could Ben Affleck Direct A Better Batman Trilogy Than Christopher Nolan?

393d ago - CB: In a previous article, we raised the issue of if Ben Affleck could be a better Batman than Ch... | Cinema

And Nolan’s Pick For The Batman Reboot Is…

406d ago - NTF According to “internet sources” Christopher Nolan has recommend American actor Wes Bentley... | Cinema

Man of Steel: Christopher Nolan Opposed the Ending, DC Comics Advised on It

467d ago - CBM: In an interview with the Empire magazine podcast, Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer r... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan At The Man Of Steel World Premiere

475d ago - CBM: Man of Steel producer and The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan chats with Access... | Cinema

Warner Bros. Gives Up 'Friday the 13th' Rights to Board Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

481d ago - THR: Sources tell THR that the price of admission for joining Paramount's sci-fi movie from the "... | Cinema

Dark Knight to Rise for Next James Bond? Christopher Nolan Approached to Direct Next 007 Film

501d ago - Christopher Nolan has been approached to direct the next 007 movie. It’s early days, but inform... | Cinema

Aaron Eckhart on the Legacy of Christopher Nolan's Batman Franchise

505d ago - IGN: We recently had actor Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent/Two-Face in Christopher Nolan's... | Cinema

Henry Cavill On Christopher Nolan's Involvement With Man Of Steel

510d ago - CBM: In the latest issue of F*** Magazine, there's an extensive 10-pg feature with Henry Cavill w... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan to Write & Direct 'Interstellar'

571d ago - Collider: When last we reported on the sci-fi flick Interstellar, it was to tell you that Christ... | Cinema

The DCU Takeover & Huge Developments on ‘Justice League’

576d ago - Latino Review Ok, DC fanboy nation. Here is the story you have been waiting for. Over the w... | Cinema

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Christopher Nolan in Talks to Direct Interstellar for Paramount and Warner Bros

628d ago - THR: The 'Dark Knight Rises' director is negotiating to board the sci-fi project written by his b... | Cinema

'Transcendence' Revealed: Johnny Depp to Play Supercomputer

658d ago - The Wrap: Johnny Depp will play a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer in the... | Cinema

‘Skyfall’ & ‘Star Trek 2′: Are We Seeing the Christopher Nolan Influence?

661d ago - Screen Rant: It’s undeniable that Christopher Nolan has changed not only the face of superhero mo... | Cinema

James Bond Rumor: Christopher Nolan Could Write and Direct the Next 2 Daniel Craig 007 Movies

754d ago - Back in June, Christopher Nolan said he is "serious" in wanting to write and... | Cinema

David Cronenberg vs. Superhero Movies

772d ago - Colton of The Daily Rotation weighs in on David Cronenberg's controversial interview reveal where... | Culture
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