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Report: Warner Planning Akira Trilogy, Christopher Nolan Involved?

71d ago - Den of Geek Akira is one of those on again, off again projects that has haunted Hollywood for... | Cinema

Warner Bros Secures Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie For Summer 2017

76d ago - Deadline If Warner Bros needed some good news after a rough summer, they sure got some. The st... | Cinema

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Christopher Nolan's Favorite Sequence From His Movies Is Airplane Scene From 'The Dark Knight Rises'

215d ago - IndieWire: While the mechanics of Christopher Nolan's films can be divisive, there's no denying t... | Cinema

10 Stupid Arguments About Chris Nolan That Don’t Make Sense

314d ago - WC You can spot a Nolan production a mile off, but in a good way: prestige cast, stunning came... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan Gets Angered By Criticism

322d ago - TV3: Christopher Nolan gets angry when one of his films receives a bad review. The 44-year-old d... | Culture

Matthew Vaughn: People "Have Had Enough" of Christopher Nolan's Dark Superhero Films

323d ago - THR Christopher Nolan's three-film tenure as the director of Batman might have concluded, but... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan on 'Interstellar' Critics, Making Original Films and Phones and Email

323d ago - THR: The British-born filmmaker is responsible for several of the 21st century's most critically... | Culture

The Anatomy Of Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Style

327d ago - CBM Director Christopher Nolan breaks down his approach to filming a key scene for his latest... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan Movies: Ranking The Rug-Pull Moments

352d ago - WC: With a staggering 78% (7 out of 9) of his films in IMDb’s Top 250, it is hard to dispute that... | Culture

Warner Bros. Offers Christopher Nolan The Helm Of "Ready Player One"

352d ago - TrackingBoard: Warner Bros. has made an offer to Christopher Nolan to direct their sci-fi adventu... | Cinema

Chris Nolan Gave His Blessing For The Lego Movie's Batman

357d ago - IGN: The LEGO Movie producer Dan Lin has explained how the team went about getting permission to... | Cinema

The Prestige Author Slams Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy

358d ago - The Prestige author Christopher Priest has branded Christopher Nolan's works as alternately "bori... | Culture

12 Movies Christopher Nolan Should Make Next

369d ago - WC With Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi opus Interstellar now out in the wild, fans have alr... | Culture

Beyond Space and Time: What’s Next for Christopher Nolan?

372d ago - I’m sure that something huge and unconventional still lies in Nolan’s future but I don’t see... | Culture

Interstellar: Nolan’s Conflicted Sci-Fi Vision Movie Feature on Popzara

378d ago - Christopher Nolan presents a thrilling, yet emotionally baring ride that we do not often consider... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan Heads Out To Space With 'Interstellar'

379d ago - Metro: Sure it's an epic science-fiction drama partially filmed using IMAX cameras, with big, swe... | Cinema

Christopher Nolan: Ranking His Films From Worst To Best

380d ago - It may be relatively early days in the career of Christopher Nolan, but it’s not too early to sur... | Culture

CGM Reviews Interstellar

382d ago - Interstellar is the type of movie that only a director like Christopher Nolan could make at the p... | Cinema

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Christopher Nolan

383d ago - With the release of his latest – humanistic sci-fi film Interstellar, which has had a much more d... | Culture

Christopher Nolan Says That Quote About Post-Credits Scenes is 'Inaccurate'

383d ago - EW Christopher Nolan has disputed the Guardian‘s report. By way of clarification, the filmmake... | Cinema

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Directors' Trademarks: Christopher Nolan

384d ago - From Cinelinx: At least once a month, Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examina... | Culture

Why The 8 Biggest Criticisms Of Christopher Nolan Are Wrong

386d ago - WC The comparisons to Stanley Kubrick may be a little disparate, but there’s no denying that C... | Culture

Why Hollywood Loves ‘Interstellar’ Director Christopher Nolan

386d ago - WSJ: For a big-ticket movie, the science-fiction epic “Interstellar” is highly unusual. It cost a... | Culture

The Callow Way – Why Christopher Nolan Is Wrong

401d ago - I like Christopher Nolan. Of all the British born but partly raised in America directors who are... | Cinema

Rumour Suggests Intersteller VR Experience Could Release Publicly

409d ago - VRFocus: Earlier in the week Paramount and IMAX announced that they would be working together to... | Culture
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