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Man of Steel: Christopher Nolan Opposed the Ending, DC Comics Advised on It

CBM: In an interview with the Empire magazine podcast, Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer revealed that producer Christopher Nolan was opposed to the controversial ending to Man of Steel.
The godfather of gritty, realistic superhero films was apparently not willing to go quite as far with perceived changes to Superman’s character as was the Watchmen director.

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RetrospectRealm1826d ago

Seriously? Like what else was he suppose to do in that situation? I suppose if they didn't want Supes to kill Zod, they would've had to change that whole scene and end up making Superman punch him ALMOST to death then put him in some weird holding cell that people might've not liked even more than Superman killing him.

firelogic1824d ago

The takeaway from this article is that he was all for the ending that's in the movie.

aDDicteD1823d ago

i think the ending was good. they wont certainly bring back zod for the sequel so it would be necessary to take him out. it was a good death rather than being sucked in the phantom zone.

MilkMan1823d ago

Whats important about this article is that the death of Zod by the hands of Kal-el keeps the audience guessing as to what he is capable of. I mean Sups essentially committed genocide of his people for Earth.
I wouldn't mess around to much with this new Sups. We really don't know what he will do.
After all, he IS SUPERMAN.

SITH1823d ago

I blames zod for his dome getting twisted.

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