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Aubrey Plaza's Superhero Dreams

EW: Could Aubrey Plaza’s signature deadpan humor translate into a classic superhero? The Parks and Recreation star, featured in this week’s New Hollywood issue, thinks it’s hardly a stretch.

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RetrospectRealm1723d ago

She doesn't seem like she can play the part, tbh.

DarkBlood1722d ago

gina carano is the most likely bet for me at this point unless someone can come up with an equally good candidate for wonderwoman

RetrospectRealm1722d ago

No way on Gina Carano. I'd rather have Jamie Alexander or Cobie Smulders.

DarkBlood1721d ago

those are good choices too, well have to see some test photos to see how well they look

blackmanone1722d ago

Love Aubrey Plaza in a geeky way, but no way to this. Summer Glau would be a better choice and even then, probably not a great one.