Henry Cavill Isn't Sure If Lois And Superman Can Really Be Equals

io9: Not because she's a woman — because she's a human being, and no human can be as powerful as Superman. We caught up with the Man of Steel last weekend at Comic-Con, and asked him about the Clark-Lois dynamic going forward. What he said kind of surprised us.

Man of Steel spoilers ahead...

The Man of Steel makes a pretty big change to Superman lore from most other versions of the character — Lois knows that Clark is Superman from day one. How will this change things between the characters in the sequel? We asked.

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RetrospectRealm1790d ago

I expect some Lois comments like "You don't spend enough time with me" and stuff like that, but it'll probably work out in the end.

Hergula1788d ago

I simply came here to say this: I love Amy Adams.

MilkMan1788d ago

Simple answer, no she could never be. Just a nag to a god.

aDDicteD1783d ago

the man of steel's version of superman and lois lane are better depicted than previous superman films which shows them as a lovely couple, but i think their romance will start to blossom in the next sequels because snyder might have this as a trilogy. i like the fact that they showed ms. lane as a very equipped and resourceful journalist in man of steel rather than a damsel in distress.