5 Video Game Movies That Weren’t Terrible

I won’t say that directors and writers ever get a video game movie right; it would be a miracle if that actually happened. However, I do think that some of them do get close, and I can accept that. So here are five movies based off video games in no particular order, which weren't all that bad; at least in my opinion.

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blackmanone1774d ago

DOA, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, House of the Dead, and Resident Evil?

"5 Video Game Movies That Were Terrible"

Fixed the title for you :)

coolbeans1774d ago

Ugh...Resident Evil was indeed terrible.

I'm still at ends with MK: it could be laughable at times but it actually seemed to respect the source material.

blackmanone1773d ago

Agreed. For me it was and forever will be a terrible movie, but one that remains true to the source material for better and mostly worse. For that reason alone I still watch it to this day.

Plus, Sonya Blade was damn sexy to me when I was a kid. Not sure why... maybe it was the spandex? Who here didn't want to be Kano at one point in that movie?

level 3601773d ago

First Silent Hill movie not included?

Thought it stayed true with most of game's atmospheric and creepy nature plus it had a very good and poignant ending.

On the lists' I think it's only Prince of Persia and Resident Evil were sort of ok with the rest not so.

aDDicteD1772d ago

i agree that silent hill was a good film that stayed true to its source material and was also surprise it was not in the list. prince of persia and resident evil were also decently portrayed. mortal kombat might be the best converted game to film among this list. while house of the dead and DOA needed a lot more of improvement to be considered ok.