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Ranking the Live-Action Resident Evil Films

96d ago - With the film series coming to a close next year, it time to rank the movies they’ve already rele... | Cinema

10 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Series Is Dead

338d ago - WC Once the king of ‘survival horror’, Resident Evil has descended into being nothing more tha... | Culture

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

CinemaSins Goes to Town on 2002′s Resident Evil

670d ago - CinemaSins has grown substantially as a YouTube channel, known for their humorous, satirical, and... | Culture

Movies Based on Video Games – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

798d ago - "I have always been very sceptical when I hear that there will be a movie made based on either a... | Culture

Retrospective: George Romero's Resident Evil

864d ago - In 1998 Capcom hired George Romero, the original zombie supremo, to shoot a live action TV commer... | Culture

5 Video Game Movies That Weren’t Terrible

866d ago - I won’t say that directors and writers ever get a video game movie right; it would be a miracle i... | Culture

10 Film Adaptations of Games

979d ago - Games and film have been popular forms of entertainment for a long time, so it’s not a surprise t... | Culture

Chatting Resident Evil's Movie Future with Paul W.S. Anderson

1066d ago - IGN: The director talks Retribution sequels, Pompeii, and how Alice would do on the Walking Dead. | Cinema

5 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Movies Stink

1388d ago - The fifth Resident Evil film is set to hit cinemas this November. Unfortunately, while this serie... | Culture

Underworld vs. Resident Evil

1408d ago - IGN: These two long-running horror franchises are more similar than you might think. | Cinema

Ada Wong Will Be In Resident Evil: Retribution

1556d ago - When it was recently announced that director Paul W.S. Anderson and actress Milla Jovovich would... | Cinema

Gaming On Film: Resident Evil

1559d ago - This week in Gaming On Film, PixelJumpers take a look at one of the biggest survival horror franc... | Cinema

The PGL Lobbycast: Episode 110

1696d ago - Wil joins Sam and Geoff to talk about Mad Men, Leonard Nimoy, Angry Birds and much, much more on... | Culture

On Screen's Top 5 Game-Movie Adaptations

1839d ago - In this special episode Jay decides to lay down his very own top 5 game-movie adaptations. | Culture

How To Reboot Resident Evil

1889d ago - TotalFilm - The fourth installment in Paul W. S. Anderson’s clunky, functional game-to-screen ser... | Cinema

Get the T-virus and Antidote.

1933d ago - Hollywood Collectibles are taking pre-orders for replicas of the viruses used in the Resident Evi... | Culture

The definitive list: Are these the best game-to-movie adaptions of all time?

1946d ago - Based on hundreds of thousands of user reviews on, Cynamite has collected the official T... | Culture

The Zombie Apocalypse: Interview With Dr. Dale

1975d ago - SFG Interview with Dr. Dale. Excerpt from interview: SFG: Bearing in mind that your semi... | Culture

15 Great Movies That Were Never Finished

1994d ago - Pop Crunch: Thousands of movies are made every year, and have been almost all the way back to whe... | Cinema
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