Ada Wong Will Be In Resident Evil: Retribution

When it was recently announced that director Paul W.S. Anderson and actress Milla Jovovich would be returning for a fifth "Resident Evil" to be called Resident Evil: Retribution, there were simultaneous reports that Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton would be characters in the new movie.

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-MD-2132d ago

Can't say I care much about her being in the film. I was never a fan of her in the games like a lot of people were.

I'm more of a Jill/Claire kinda guy.

ShAkKa2131d ago

Another RE sequel, why!? This movie franchise is in a serious need of a reboot.

-MD-2131d ago

Cause people keep on paying money.

I'm just glad I'm not one of those people. I paid to see the first 2 cause I was like 14 but the rest I've torrented.

alycakes2131d ago

I like I'll keep paying but I didn't care for the 3D this last time.

cheezavenger2131d ago

Considering they teased Jill at the end of the last one, this decision confuses me.

coolfool2129d ago

Wasn't Jill in the second movie?

nyobzoo2131d ago

cool, now they have Chris and Ada

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