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10 Film Adaptations of Games

Games and film have been popular forms of entertainment for a long time, so it’s not a surprise that the two collided many times over (often with hideous consequences). Here we look at the top 10 film adaptations of games and a couple of franchises that didn’t even break into the top 10.

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Hergula1893d ago

Honestly, Im still waiting for a phenomenal film based on a game, all of the movies on that Top 10 list are rather poor.

And as a die-hard Silent Hill fan, I get pissed off when people say the film was good, trust me.... it wasnt..

DJBenz1893d ago

Don't see Silent Hill: Revelation then, it's so bad it makes the first film look like a masterpiece in comparison.

Hergula1892d ago

Good to know, I have yet not watched it,

Sahil1892d ago

Agree, completely ruined the game.

aDDicteD1893d ago

Its hard to make a movie adaptation of popular games because you have to satiisfy not only the die hard fans who played the game but you have to widen your target market to audiences not familiar with the game to start liking the franchise by watching an entertaining movie. almost all games adapted to movie did not meet the standards. i dont know much of the prince of persia game but silent hill and mortal kombat where pretty decent movies.

StarWarsFan1893d ago

It's truly ridiculous to have a tie anywhere on this list. A majority of these movies aren't good, so to put them on a top 10 list is a little bit misleading. Then to have ties on it is stupid. Out of them, the most enjoyable were Prince Of Persia, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Tomb Raider.

Sahil1892d ago

My vote wud go to Prince of Persia and Hitman. Hitman was absolutely Boss, I have it on bluray :)