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Superheroes are back again in movie theatres. After the recent success of Marvel Studios, it is DC Comics’ turn to create the new cinematographic version of its most famous hero: Superman.

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alycakes1810d ago

This was a good movie. I really liked it a lot. I didn't like it more than Iron Man 3 or the Avengers but it was up there close by with them.

sourav931809d ago

Although I respect your opinion, I personally feel that Iron Man 3 was pretty bad, and nowhere as good as Man of Steel. Avengers, I can agree.

alycakes1809d ago

That's okay, I'm sure a lot of people feel that way. I have always been more of a Marvel hero person and Iron Man has always been my favorite. I am partial and he can do no wrong so you see...I am a little bias.

CanadianTurtle1808d ago

I gotta agree with you. IronMan3 was probably one of the worst movies I've seen this year. It really disappointed me. I loved Man of Steel though. Awesome fight scenes that rival the avengers.

sourav931809d ago

That's fair enough. Though I love Marvel, I've always prefered DC. So you could say I'm slightly biased as well. But I loved the first Iron Man movie (tbh 2nd one was okay), and the Avengers was freaking awesome. Just thought that the plot of Iron Man 3 could have been better, instead on just explosions and a gazillion iron man suits flying around.

Alexious1809d ago

I still need to see it, but I will soon.