Th Lone Ranger: Blockbusters' Heaven's Gate?

Critic Gabe Toro posits, "Effectively, Heaven’s Gate marked 1980 as the year that the most exciting filmmaking period in Hollywood died, because no one had the stones to say no to Michael Cimino.

"For years, Disney has had plans for a film based on The Lone Ranger...[but] the fact is the Hollywood studio model is showing its cracks. Films are becoming far too expensive and a studio is more likely to grab a profit from a few mid-to-low budgeted films per year rather than one big dopey blockbuster. A Hobbit or a Batman franchise can feed the studio for a good while. But the odds that that will work aren’t always in the studio’s favor. A little bit of 3D won’t exactly keep your company from losing hundreds of millions."

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