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Man of Steel Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

An overwhelming whirlwind of existential themes, religious overtones and full-on-faucet action spectacle, Man of Steel exposes Superman’s greatest weakness: director Zack Snyder’s indulgence for excess.

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Hozi1795d ago

Your Article Sucks. Man of Steel is easily the best Superman Flick in a long time. Fact, it's the best Action movie in a long time.

Main_Street_Saint1795d ago

I agree completely with your thoughts on that review.

RedHawkX1794d ago

the review sucks and im tired of people crying about religion. if you dont believe in it then so what shut up. religion has a right to be in stuff just as much as gay people do or anything else thats non violent etc. tired of all the hate for no reason let people do what they like.

also this movie was the best superman movie by far so hope you didnt rate this lower then any superman movie out there. also this movie had epic action dragonball z levels of action anime action is the best action you can get. man of steel had that

Sahil1792d ago

I really enjoyed the movie, but I do get that it had its flaws. What I don't get is how Man of steel got a 56% approval on rotten tomatoes while Superman returns got 75%.....